Saturday Night Workshop

I just wanted to thank the guys who came to my gallery last night to be a part of the workflow workshop. It was a great night and managed to stagger into bed around 1am this morning. It was a great bunch, probably the best group yet!! (notice I say that about all the courses) Thanks for putting up with my rants and hope you got something to think about when next out taking photos or sitting in front of photoshop.

As we got a little stuck on the whole colour management subject I thought I would add a few notes to help ease the pain.

The aim of colour management is to maintain the same colour on all devices even though each device has a different colour gamut and the same set of numbers refer to a different colour.

In color management, an ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a monitor, scanner, camera, printer, or a color space, according to standards set by the International Color Consortium (ICC). Profiles describe the color attributes of a particular device. A colour managed workflow uses these profiles to control colour reproduction between all the devices in the workflow. That is, they tell each device this is the colour we are looking at and they all understand each other.

A color space simply describes the range of colors, or gamut, that a camera can see, a printer can print, or a monitor can display. Editing color spaces, on the other hand, such as Adobe RGB, Dcam 3 or sRGB, are device-independent. They also determine a color range you can work in. Their design allows you to edit images in a controlled, consistent manner. I use Dcam 3 as my working colour space as it has a larger colour gamut than Adobe RGB 1998. You set your rgb colour space in photoshop, go to edit> colour settings> working spaces> RGB. This is important. I also make sure when I convert my raw files in camera raw I assign the colour space Pro Photo, then when opened in photoshop and prompted, I convert that file to the Dcam 3 colour space. Pro photo has a massive colour gamut so going from that to DCam 3 is fine even though Dcam 3 has a smaller gamut.

Easy peasy hey!!!


~ by christianfletcher on October 25, 2009.

10 Responses to “Saturday Night Workshop”

  1. Hey Christian! A great night for sure! My plan was to get up early and head out for some photos…. hahahah yeah sun well and truly up by the time I surfaced! Still roamed around got some nice sunny images any way. Just playing now with them, great advise!

    Stopped by the gallery got a little print for the wall here, drove to Busso had lunch at the jetty, spilt most of my burger on my clean shirt, looked like a homeless bum!

    Got home bout 5.

    thanks again for a great night, oh what was the control to make your brush tool go straight?

    Cheers mate catch up agin soon


  2. a new batch of bewildered freshmen released from the technologically over advanced CF’s hands, corrupted with inspiration and set free unto the world. Maybe some new blogs soon??

  3. The young fella has a writing hand as he does…talented little fella he is!!

    Great comment there Mr. Stak..I look fwd to meeting you next week.

    Cheers from True North Mark in LA!!!

  4. Hey Christian..

    Thanks again.. was a great evening.. I think alot of it was over my head, but thats ok.. I’m still learning after all.

    And I must say.. I was quite inspired to play a bit the next day.. Even brought my camera up to port hedland this week to take a few shots đŸ™‚

    Chat soon


  5. A grouse night it was, very informative and conducted in the laid back CF way. Let the Bunker Bay course begin!

  6. first lesson in landscapes David, set your alarm clock, or have kids like mine who woke me at 5.30am. Glad you liked the course. The trick to get the brush to draw a straight line is to hold down the shift key then click where you want that line to start and click where you want it to finish. cheers

    Hehe funny comment Stakky

    Thanks for coming Joe, might see you in Hedland on the W/E, cheers

    Hey Rob, it was pretty relaxed wasn’t it. Tell you what, I had a hard time cleaning up in the morning. Never relaxed and laid back whilst doing the dishes!!

    Hey Markie, your on the way home, cool, say g’day to Hollywood for me.

  7. …..can you just go over the middle bit again?….

    Lucky us Canon users have a Direct Print button on the camera!

  8. Hi Christian

    Thank you for a wonderful course. A few bits were over my head. But I am a bit of a simpleton, and I was able to use what you taught on a photo straight away. I showed a few friends of my work, they were absolutely amazed. I still saw some flaws in the work, but I think I will practise a bit more.

    I am glad you put the Melbourne photo in the blog. That night, when I first saw the photo, I thought it was a really simple shot, what can anyone do to make it better. Well, you absolutely amazed me. And the great thing is that you didn’t have to use many advance function on photoshop to do it. I can do it myself, just need to use my eyes and creative side of my brain.

    Great course!!!

  9. Don’t forget about that little “Save Image/s” button at the bottom left hand corner in camera raw!!
    Have fun in Hedland…..I’m sure you’ll love the heat!!

  10. Hi Christian
    Great time at workshop. I downloaded Joseph Holmes D-CAM3 and have now discovered why it didn’t work straight off–I went into properties of all31 files and had to unblock the data. It is now up and going–maybe Mac users don’t have that problem!!!! Great night mate..

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