Mongers Lake

mongers lake

This is one of the images from a recent shoot with Mark, David and Greggie. We all went in different directions and all have a different spin on the same subject. I only did this up as I am working on a new tutorial for the photoshop workshop I am running in Port Hedland this weekend. It would be pretty cool to have a land yacht on this lake as it is huge.


~ by christianfletcher on October 26, 2009.

20 Responses to “Mongers Lake”

  1. Nice!!! desolate and sparse, how i like it!

  2. Hey Christian, really peaceful image despite the horrid dry salt conditions, quite ironic really. Really like the subtle golden glow in the clouds.
    regards Adrian

  3. You mean you actually prepare for your workshops?!? 🙂 Nice shot .. love the sky!

  4. that , neat shot , a big yep from me.

    Got anything from Marble Bar?

    See my blog for an idea Dave Bettini has suggested.

  5. Looks great Christian! Is this shot with the 17?

  6. Nice one Fletch, nice soft sky.
    Looks like a Peter Dombrovskis composition, 2/3 foreground, 1/3 sky.

  7. Excellent image, Christian! Was it a 14 or 17mm lens?

  8. like your love life hey Stakky

    Yeah Josh, I make sure I have clean shirt and can remember the difference between an f-stop and an aperture. !!!

    Thanks Adrian

    Ok Merv will have a look, that wasn’t a blatant plug for your blog was it??

    I’ll take that compliment any day Tom, cheers

    Steve it was shot with the 17mm tilt shift, my new favorite lens.

  9. PRA copy of the 17mm or yours? Seems like that lens is amazing

  10. Hey Christian I love the tones in this shot. Great foreground interest yet it accurtely conveys a vast open space. Well done mate.


  11. Branches work a treat! Didn’t you drag them out of my photo? He he

  12. Hey Christian love the composition & tones really earthy mate great stuff

  13. YOUR love life seems to be turning the barrel of your 100-400 on your 5d mk2! take that!

  14. Now there’s a Christian Fletcher special if I have ever seen one!

    It has your trade mark all over that one mate! Nice.


    True North Mark…back from the Abyss!!

  15. There is a Dombrovkis theme is this weeks blogs for sure. Great composition Fletch, love the log and the DOF.

  16. I too love the composition and the eathy tones.

  17. very nice man, great tones and love the foreground!

  18. This image has great colour and depth to it, very nice.
    Did you use that nice solid looking wood on the fire that night ?

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