7D and 100mm Macro Test


Benny at Team Digital was kind enough to loan us a 7D and the new 100mm Macro so I thought I would give it a crack. I shot this image against a new green backdrop that I purchased from the boys at Team Digital, my first green screen shots. It was a piece of cake cutting this out in Fluid Mask 3 and now I can drop it on to any backdrop I like. I was super impressed with both camera and lens even though I shot this in jpeg. It would be better again in RAW with that ability to tweak to a higher degree. The 7D felt good to use and was not a big jump from the 5d. Now I am not an expert on the camera after only playing with it for 30 mins but all indications so far are pretty good. Here is a view of the setup in my studio.



~ by christianfletcher on November 2, 2009.

19 Responses to “7D and 100mm Macro Test”

  1. I was hanging on for the 60D in August but not sure what’s happening ther. Now the 7D is definitely in my sights. I’m hoping Mike had a play with the video and will tell all on Friday. Is it true you have one to give away on Friday to whoever can eat the most pizza? – I’m a shoe in for sure.

  2. I am there for sure Christian if the 7D has an underwater solution. The Macro is also in my sights in the not too distant future.

    Thanks for the feedback and thanks to team Digital for the foresight for allowing you to review for us!


    True North Mark

  3. Muzz it goes to the person who cleans up the most, i.e. dishes, bins etc. NOT food!! I could see you with the 7D mate, sounds like your bra size!!

    yep I think it could be a winner for underwater stuff and the macro it a big improvement on the old 100mm. I looks and feels good. This shot was real sharp out of the camera. You have to love the quality of the light from the studio soft boxes. See you later in the week to witness Muzz chomping down a pizza in one go.

  4. Hey Christian, what studio light are you using?

  5. Bowens Hayden, don’t ask me the model number!!! Middle of the road I think. Had to really wind back the power for this shot.

  6. Hey Christian, mate i love macro so really hows is this lens, worth the up grade ?
    Green back drop, what else have you used. How has the green back drop been compared too the normal black, white etc.
    finally fluid mask 3, i haven’t used it or know about it, is it CS4 plug.
    Great texture in the tulip head, would look awesome on a crisp white canvas, yeah I’d buy that !
    Cheers adrian

  7. Good looking set up there Christian, Do you get any green cast on the subject with that back ground, the actual photo of the the tulip looks great. Must admit I didnt think very highly of the 7D at first but the more I see and hear about it, it really sounds quite impresive, and that macro looks awsome.


  8. old news CF i was using this camera a week ago! trying it with the 400mm fixed gave some insane results. the new canon noise reduction filtering is great eh?

  9. That is a great result, did you use the 7D to control the flash that is if you used flash. From the results you are getting and reviews around I wonder if 5D MK2 should be the next step or the 7D???? confusion setting in 😦

  10. yep Adrian, the lens is worth it. It just feels good unlike the old 100mm. I will be getting one for sure. Ric Syme has been using a green screen for his work of hair models incredible stuff. Green is currently used as a backdrop more than any other color because image sensors in digital video cameras are most sensitive to green. Therefore the green camera channel contains the least “noise” and can produce the cleanest mask. This image was a snap to cut out from the green background. Fluid mask 3 is a plugin for photoshop but you might want to look into what Ric uses Ultimatte Advantedge photoshop plugin.

    Didn’t notice any green cast Dan as I was back a way from the backdrop.

    Stakky, thats because you work in a camera shop, I don’t have one just floating around the office!! I haven’t looked at the noise reduction yet as I haven’t had a great deal of time to play with the camera. Michael is trying out some video.

    Yep the 7d triggered the flash. At this early stage the 7D looks good, maybe I would buy a 7D and the money saved buy two L series lenses. Might be a good way to go KhenG

  11. Neat studio setup Christian. How long you had that space for?
    Clean crisp image nicely lit

  12. Nice set up mate, you need a hot chick under those lights not some wine bottle and a flower. Gee… What flash heads are you running there. 600W Digital Elinchrom ?

  13. Hi Killer, glad to see you doing some studio work now too, I have a great one here in SA, Only problem is you only seem to be allowed to shoot ols bottles and flowers, with a kit like that surly you have the carizma to pull in some sexy girls from the beach for a shoot? we recenlty completed a course in Boudoir, and had three models to practice on. Dont worry Nina was with me, made sure the only touchin gup of the models was done in photoshop. check the blog for details. http://blog.amifocus.com

    What do you think of the new 1Ds 4? any good.

  14. Hi Nige, long time no hear, girls in bikinis in my studio might be a little hard to explain to the wife. I had a look at your blog, geez those pics just keep loading and loading. I must say your studio work is a little more interesting than mine!! Now I think you were asking me about printers. I have just bought the new Epson. I was happy with my Canons but after speaking to Les Walkling he explained how the Epson has a superior colour gamut. Will slowly phase the Canon printers out and go all Epson. There is a new rip coming out for it too that is supposed to be the ultimate on the planet, I’ll be getting that. You might consider the new Epson range they kick butt.

  15. oh and as for the 1D mark 4, I think it will be pretty good. I will get my hands on one soon to have a go at but early indications are it is a sweet machine.

  16. Hey Killer, sorry no landscapes on that blog, but I will have to link up with my old one and that of the landscapes. Oh by the way the girls dont have bikinis on, wont allow it, too many lines to have to photo shop out, and Nina gets pissed off if Im spending too much time cleaning them up. ;o) give me a landscape any old day. will look at the epson printer.

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