more macro tests


This is a bottle of plonk that was lying around at the studio/jam room. One of Michaels musical muts left this bottle of sherry for me to sticky tape a flower to it. Shot the label and merged it with another pic. Cut out with Fluid mask 3. This time I did get some green reflection from the backdrop. Have to work a solution for that. Not a brilliant compilation but was more to show off the macro capabilities and the 7D. Below is a crop to show this is a pretty sharp lens. I like it!!!



~ by christianfletcher on November 3, 2009.

10 Responses to “more macro tests”

  1. Get ready for Fletch’s tiny landscapes!!!

  2. beats having to go far from the carpark, shoot what’s at your feet, no walking then, I like it! Saying that I actually don’t mind walking, I’m not really a lazy photographer!! I just won’t talk about my new bean bag that goes on the car window as a stabiliser for shooting from the car. Oops I just did! bummer

  3. Haha, now you’ve got a bloody bean bag out.
    Now I understand why you’ve never had any field workshops. Maybe you could hold something similar to and African Safari where everyone shoots from the car. Sounds like you have it down to a fine art.

  4. You probably don’t need to go thru the test motion’s , the camera and the len’s were always going to be pretty good.

    Go outside and get something from the great outdoors.

  5. Over here in Victoria, Channel 9 are having real problems with their green screens and giant seagulls.

  6. Love the tones and light you have used … damn fine work …
    I’m baccck 😉

  7. if I’m out with lions Luke, i’ll be in the car don’t worry, can’t wait to try out my new bean bag!!

    Merv I’ve decided just to shoot in the studio from now on

    thats pretty funny Tom

    Neal you back in town already, mate I am hanging to see what you have come back with, I know we are all going to be jealous as hell…

  8. Hi Mate,

    Sweet images for sure and definitely shows off the potential of both the camera and the lense.

    Nice work.



  9. Nice job, looks good and for the price of the 40D when I bought mine.
    If you’re going to be shooting indoors from now on you may like to stop off at Stainbridge’s (it’s not far from Team Digital) and get some landscaping supplies. They’ve got plenty of stuff in ‘N’ and ‘HO/OO’ gauge that will shoot up really well with that lens and you can build your perfect landscape to boot. Who knows, you may even be seen at the next Model Railway Exhibition!
    PS you’ll need to loose the fluros’.

  10. Hi Christian great that your loving the new Canon 100mm, but its time to give it back. I know you were going to drop it off . Do you want to keep it until the Pizza night. then if any of the guys want to have a play they can.
    Another thing the Canon Pitstop day is on next Week Tuesday. So if any of the guys who have a 5D or above can drop off there camera in the morning a get the sensor cleaned and firmware updated. For free.
    And 5.00 you can come collect your camera. And have a drink and most importantly see the Amazing Canon 1DMk4. Anyone interest just email me see everyone at the pizza night, can Mark and Christian cook pizzas i guess we’ll findout.

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