Photomatix 3.2


Another attempt at photomatix. This time there was only one image but processed with different exposures in camera raw. These different images were then put through the Detail Enhancer. It is a pretty cool way to create a HDR look with only one image.


~ by christianfletcher on November 3, 2009.

10 Responses to “Photomatix 3.2”

  1. Must say… I tried doing that, creating different exposures in camera raw. Didn’t get the same results as what you did 😦

    Interesting glow in your image 🙂

  2. Never would have picked the subject .. pretty cool though. Its interesting you have posted this. It inspired me to put one of my Photomatix attempts up (from Japan).

  3. Neat CF… you made a somewhat uninteresting subject interesting. Very cool. Not that you look like you need any tips, however when I was playing around with photomatrix, I found the following. If you use Photomatrix the main controls to “play” with are Strength, Light Smoothing (keeping the radio button selected as far to the left you can go, whilst mainting a high Strength setting, gives a great effect), also the Microcontrast helps a lot too.

  4. Nice job… Photomatix is a program that makes you want to pull your hair out. Atleast you have the printer now with HDR capable colour inks. 🙂

  5. You don’t have to pull your hair out with photomatix, I certainly need all the hair I can keep 😉

    For those that may be interested in techniques for HDR, Nick Melidonis had an article in Better Photography, a few issues back, on how he uses Photoshop and Photomatix on one of his photos from Branco’s Lookout in El Questro Station. See issue 54.

    For a technique that works pretty good, have a look at Jason Odell’s facebook page where he has a video that goes over his technique of using Capture NX2 and Photomatix. Replace Capture NX2 with your tool of choice in terms of your raw processor but the video should give you a pretty good idea of his technique. If you have the Viveza Nik software plugin, even better.

    If you have time, read Darwin Wiggett’s rant on HDR:

    and his followup:

    BTW Christian, I think you did quite well with this photo in Photomatix


    (hope some of you find the links useful)

  6. thanks for the comments guys and will have a look at those links and report back Andre


  7. A few good posts here, some good information to be had. I’m inspired to trial Photomatix, I’m due for a haircut.

  8. Hi Guys, this was very intrsting, I was givena book the other day for my birthday, and its all about HDR, they go thorough the whole precedure telling you what each and every control does and how to handle it, they also look five different HDR programs and how to use them. I will get the name when I go home today. well done Killer, you really worked those chairs very well. ;o)

  9. Just when you think you have enough to read about and do, we have to add another page to the book.
    HDR is such a great tool. Just have to turn all the theory into practice.
    If there is still room in your next workshop I will have to try and get along.
    See you friday night with that pressie I promised you ;o)

  10. Hi Guys, the Book iws called : Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range, Digital Photography. By Ferrell McCollough and printed by Lark Books. looks very good, half way though it at the moment.

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