Shades for imacs

Benny from Team Digital told me about some freeware you can get for your imacs that allows you to set a much lower brightness level so they can be used in a correct colour workflow. Have a look at the TD blog here It comes endorsed by the great Les Walkling so it must be good.


~ by christianfletcher on November 3, 2009.

10 Responses to “Shades for imacs”

  1. Mate giving it a go now, will advise!

    thanks for the actions too, and I will work out the pano bracket. I can take some measurements and images and get them up on the blog soon!



  2. Hey Christian, Shades looks pretty good. I’ll give it a go. I have an alternative method of calibrating my iMac monitor which isn’t discussed much; I have matched the screen luminosity and color (or colour) temperature to match the paper I use to print with. Since I always use the same paper (Hahnemuhle), I have consistent prints which match what I see every time. This way I don’t have to mess with icc profiles, mis-matched calibration profiles, etc.

    PS. Nice HDR of the chairs, mate!

  3. Hi Christian, from what I’ve read Shades is not a solution. I can’t remember the detail but it does something nasty that stuffs up your profiling somehow. Anyway, there are so many other issues with an iMac for serious colour that it will always be a battle to use one. My solution is to get a second monitor, and have palettes etc on the iMac.

  4. Hi Christian, I stopped being lazy and found this

  5. I have shades and it’s pretty good, so it’s worth downloading and of course its free.

  6. Hi Christian

    I have a friend with an iMac which is the only reason I looked at the link. Interesting to note the following statement on the Charcoal Design website which says:

    Note: Shades may interfere with colour calibration software, and should not be used if colour accuracy is critical.

  7. It is an ok solution for dimming the screen but not possible to calibrate with eye one match software as it hangs and loops bright dark. The colormunki does a good job as it also adjusts brightness. No the iMac isn’t a perfect screen for photographic proofing but it’s a damn good price for what it offers. Use your histograms people! pj.

  8. We have so many emails and calls re Shades. We feel we must make some points.
    This software now makes it possible to print from a Apple iMac, but it is not perfect. Perfect is have a EIZO CG monitor attached to your iMac.
    It all about luminance values the lowest you get on a Apple iMac is 160 and what we really need is 90/100 and you achieve this with shades,
    There is a procedure to follow to achieve good results. 1) go through and do make a monitor profile as you would normally. 2)After you have saved that profile turn on Shades.3) Now you will need a calibrator that can give you a luminance Spyder 2 Pro (or better) or Gretag Eye One Display 2 there may be others units but these are the devices we have tested. 4) go through the profile process until you get to the luminance value section then use Shades to get your brightness value down to 90. Once you have achieved that value dont go any further with the monitor software. Dont Make A New Profile . We just wanted to use the software to get an accurate luminance value.

  9. I’ll stick to my calibrated iMac monitor, was it the colormunki you used on my iMac PJ?

  10. Yep.

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