Shades does work

Hi guys, see Ben’s post on the discussion about Shades. It does work if you use it right. I knew if Les Walkling recommended it it would be worthwhile. The guy is a genius and those who doubt him just need to go to one of his workshops. He is god when it comes to colour management. You better believe it.

I would love to get him back for another workshop, hands up those who would be keen to come along.

Thanks to Ben from Team Digital for showing us the light or should that be showing us how to dim the light


~ by christianfletcher on November 5, 2009.

14 Responses to “Shades does work”

  1. Hands ups ….

  2. Yes please.

  3. Maybe, probably … oh OK !!!

  4. Please count me in.

  5. Yep I’d be keen

  6. Everyone get on this!!! Last weekend I attended a two day workshop held by Les specifically on Colour Management and came out with so much info that I didn’t know and that I could begin applying straight away to achieve much better results! You may think that you have a good understanding of Colour Management but Les will quickly change that after just a couple of hours… For example, who knew that the sRGB profile that a lot of us use to convert our images into for web display does not have any perceptual rendering intent table look-up data? What this means is that if we leave our rendering intent set to perceptual and convert to sRGB any out of gamut colours are essentially chopped like a cookie cutter using the relative colour metric rendering intent by default. For images with highly saturated colours this equates to colour blobbiness and essentially reduces the tonality of an image. Les then provides you with the Kodak sRGB profile that does contain the required perceptual look-up table data. This is only the tip of the ice berg fellas so get on board!!! Knowledge aside Les spoke with so much energy and passion and was all to happy to stay back after hours to ensure that all of your questions were answered!

    P.S. For the record, Les did recommend Shades and Ben from team Digital described the process exactly the same as Les explained it.

  7. If it was Sydney, I’d be in….can’t justify a trip to Perth just for this though.


  8. I just tested the Colormunki ( Ver 1.1.1 ) and it will give you a brightness value. So yes we can use it exactly the same way as the other calibrators

  9. Sounds like I need to come up to date with all this stuff so Im in if it eventuates

  10. Both my hands are up.

  11. im in

  12. Sounds like a plan. They say knowledge is power and this sounds pretty powerful.

  13. Christian,
    Yes, I would be interested in attending.

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