Pizza Night and Big Announcement

Hi all, well the inaugural Blog party pizza night was last night and we had a great crowd turn up to chow down on some mighty fine pizzas. I want to thank everyone for coming and making it a fun night. It was good to see everyone again and Mark really enjoyed meeting you all too. It is just the start of all the adventures. Hope you can come to the True North Rotto workshop as it is going to be a hell of a day out. Will post the details of this special day this week, for those of you who came last night and want to book a spot on the boat for the 26th of January let Mark know, he will direct you to the Northstar girls who will take your booking. For those of you who couldn’t make it last night the deal is this, a day cruise on True North to Rotto, 4 speakers including Tony Hewitt, Nick Rains, Glen Cowans and myself, lunch with the chance there will be a heli on board to take some aerial pics. We will get off on to the beach, take a few sunset pics then get back on for a slow cruise back to Freo by 8pm. It is going to be magic. There are probably only 80 spots left so get in quick. Oh and the price, $250 per person. Now that is a bargain. Drinks and Heli flights are extra as you would expect.
Anyway here are some pics from last night. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on November 7, 2009.

28 Responses to “Pizza Night and Big Announcement”

  1. Great night had by all I’d say.

    Bloody good pizza’s , mine was a culinary triumph !!!!!

  2. Glad you guys all had a great night……. CF, would be good to get names for those pics for those of us who didnt go……

    I promise me and Mike wont message you from PNG after a few cold beers and an awesome days shooting….. can see the post card now… ” Having a blast, wish you were here “

  3. ouch, i didn’t make the pictures… haha it was a great night, thanks everyone again!

  4. Yeah Merv the Pizza were bloody great , Good to put some faces to names finally , Thanks to Mark and Christian for organizing the night .


  6. Cheers for organizing the cool night of pizza and beer CF and Mark …

  7. Thanks to CF and Mark for arranging a great night. The pizza’s were first class.

  8. Hey Christian, Great Night had by all. Music disk in the mail,
    all originals so Mike can put to his videography without being sued.
    Cheers again Adrian

  9. Well done Christian…great picks and thanks also to everyone for coming along.

    After True North Merv has suggested a photo gig in the Wheat Belt which will be fun and Christian and I have a number of other ideas for the future as well, so we will keep in touch about those.

    Now Stakky….what hope have you got if you are absent minded sub 20!!! Wait till you get to my age!

  10. big thanks to Christian and especially Mark for putting it up at his place. was a great night in a fantastic setting, with some pretty awesome pizza’s to top it off!
    was good to meet ppl from blog land too!

  11. Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  12. Thanks Mark and CF for the great night. Good to see the personalities behind the blogs. Oooo the wheat belt will be awesome..!

  13. The wheatbelt tour will be sometime next year, autumn or spring maybe , nothing like a big build up.

    These are the best times for a bit of colour and the temp is right , no fun camping in 40 deg and you can’t light fires,

    Anyway Rotto to get down first !!!

  14. Thanks for coming everyone and thanks to Markie for letting me crash at his pad for a few days. It was a fun night and yes don’t forget about Rotto on True North. Ryan, don’t know how you missed the cut, your pic was one that was in focus. It is there now. Stakky how did you forget?? thinking about girls again??

  15. Great night, great company…..and have even been inspired to commit to a blog instead of just the lazy past time of ‘stalking’. Could take some time to get my head around it so bear with me. Now….how to I change my avatar??????

  16. Hey Christian, Friday was a good night, very well organised, Thanks again. As i said to Mark, im looking forward to the oz day trip on true north, Also looking forward to what every else you guys come up with next, should be good.

  17. how did you know mate? oh well you guys missed unmasking me! gonna have to throw another one for that!

  18. What a great night. I am new to this and what a great bunch. Yes a HUGE thankyou to Mark for opening up his home. I thought there would be a stack of Dominos boxs but no … we get home made pizza. Thankyou CF for my origonal smiley face in the pizza base. Spewin I didnt get a pic. Would have been my first CF one off!
    CF … I hope the torch is a help. Its a handy addition to the toolbox. I meant to ask you if you take a self portrait of me … maybe next time ;o)
    Did someone mention (whispering) camera club??

  19. It was great to put faces and personalities to names. Thanks to you CF and Mark for your generosity and motivation in getting it to happen. I don’t know how you bloggers manage to fit your work, photography, post-processing and blogging all in. It’s hard enough to find the time just to get through reading the blogs and dropping a line here and there, let alone a blog of your own – my hat’s off to all of you.

    It was exciting to be there at that historical moment when the Christian Fletcher Camera Club was born – and that other historical moment 30 seconds later when it crashed and burned! Really looking forward to Australia Day on the True North and hopefully more get togethers. Hopefully they’ll remain open to blog stalkers as well as bloggers otherwise the blow-torch would really be on the belly cos I don’t want to miss out on anything.

  20. Can’t believe I was too sick to make it, looks like you all had a great night.

    Just booked on the Rotto trip so at least I’ll get to meet everyone there, can’t wait 🙂

  21. For the benefit of everyone who couldn’t attend on Fri night could someone be kind enough to put names to each pic in the current sequence??? Would be very interesting!

    • Hi Ric, I am in the second-last and third-last images wearing a grey T-shirt – you can see why I had to sell the iTNFP Tshirt 🙂

  22. Hi, Ditto all the above comments, great night and awesome pizza production line by Mark and Ben. Kudos to Mark for opening his house to us all and here’s hoping for a few more get togethers. Just sorry I will be in the US for Australia Day so will miss the Rotto trip 😦

  23. Looks like a brilliant night, wish I could have supplied some international flavour to the joint – next time for sure!

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