Canon Have Dropped Their Prices

Canon have just announced effective as of the 13th of November tomorrow, that they are having a price drop on a number of there Pro Canon camera and lens range . Below is a list of some of these new prices.Sweet times hey!!! Why wouldn’t you buy a 5D2 now! Cheap deals on Canon gear don’t come around very often.

Canon 5Dmk2 new price $3495.00
Canon 1DsMk3 new price $ 9800.00
Canon 16-35mm F2.8 series II new price $ 1945.00
Canon 24-70mm F2.8 new price $ 1760.00
Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS new price $ 2299.00

And there is a number of other lenses reduced, give Team Digital a ring for a super new price.


~ by christianfletcher on November 12, 2009.

15 Responses to “Canon Have Dropped Their Prices”

  1. Sounds good and with the Aussie $$$ riding a 15 month high not soon enough by Canon Australia ….

  2. Great news, trying to decide what wide angle to get, and I’ve been thinking about upgrading the old 70-200 f/4L. These new prices might mean I’ll be buying locally instead of from the states!

  3. Oh great, just when I was doing such a great job of not impulse buing new lenses, canon go and drop their prices, now I will have to buy a new lens. Oh well, but realy that is good news. Im always up for getting things cheaper.

  4. Go the impulse!!! Dan, thats how I shop!

  5. Hey Christian any idea about these Canon 3D rumours i keep hearing about… Darren

  6. Let’s see what Nikon has to respond to this. Those Canon prices are pretty good!!

  7. Good, they have been making a killing off the exchange rate!!!

    5dmk2 has been $3995 since the aussie dollar was 60 cents, and as the dollar kept rising to 90 cents the price stayed the same.

    Now we just need adobe to drop their prices.

  8. Why would anyone spend $9800 on a 1ds Mark III with the IV about to come out and it wont be far off that price anyway.

  9. Yea right on Matt. Price drop is just to clear old stock!

  10. or give camerahouse a ring if your bored of team digital 🙂 support the stak!

  11. Just one comment guys and girls, this price drop from Canon has nothing to do with old stock. There was some 15 items effected by this change. it is simply to bring Canon Aust into some sort world parity. We just hope that some other companies follow suit.
    Re the !DmkIV we still haven’t received any pricing on it, but there is talk that it should sit at a similar price to the current model and that is what we are hoping for. fingers crossed.

  12. Hey CF,
    Can you recommend somewhere to go to get my camera sensor cleaned? She’s all dusty the dirty dirty girl.

  13. Thanks for the tip….have ditched the Nikon (well not completely – gonna keep it for the music festival season) and am now the proud owner of the 5D Mk 2……and no idea how to use it hee hee

  14. Damo team digital can do it.

    Welcome to team canon sandy

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