How to Get a new Lens for Free

The time is 1.22am, Sunday morning, I can’t sleep. I have too many thoughts going through my head. One of them is this, a way to get something for free. My wife and I really think about our environment and the future we are creating for our kids. We struggle with the conflict of having a certain level of greenness (is that a word?? must be, spell check didn’t have a problem with it) and living with a certain degree of comfort. Lets face it, it is me who is the big consumer. I buy all the toys, need the latest gadgets and equipment etc. In the past couple of years we have been trying to reduce our power consumption at home and have achieved a pretty good level of saving that hasn’t been hard or meant that we miss out on anything. What amazes me is no one else we know tries these same simple things.

“TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS, STAND BY POWER, TV’s, COMPUTERS ETC, it isn’t that hard. People in our street have every frigg’n light wired to their house on every night, inside lights, outside lights, garden lights. WHY???? It should be part of our everyday living now, like wearing a bike helmet, not shooting an Elephant or taking no more than a dozen crabs. Why are we such a dumb bunch of lazy useless organisms that are hell bent on destroying the thing that keeps us alive. I feel it is my duty to try to make people aware and make people care for our kids very existence. Heavy sh1t I know but do we really care??

It is in our nature to be lazy, to think only of ourselves, to try and survive longer than the next bloke. To have the most money, the biggest house and god forbid the best camera and lenses. We will be doomed if we don’t change our ways now. So what I hope everyone reading this will do is get up off your computer chair and turn those bloody lights off, turn on your washing machine at 10pm, put the dishwasher on at the same time, turn off the tv and DVD player at the wall. Walk or ride your bike to the shops, recycle, have a compost bin and all those other things that aren’t hard to do. I challenge you to change your habits.

We only use an average of 9 units of electricity per day in our house and we forgo nothing. I would like to hear how many of you do the same. Wouldn’t it be great if our heros could be people that do something good for the planet like greenpeace, wwf and individuals like Steve Irwin. I guess they aren’t as cool to worship as Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, and other disgusting roll models for our generation.

Now here is the cool part. You want that new lens??? of course you do. Can’t afford it?? of course you can’t. Why not?? because your probably paying too much on your electricity bill. TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF, ETC, ETC, ETC. In a year you would have paid that sucker off in the savings you make. Thats it!!! Free lenses for everyone. I should have been an accountant! When you have finished making the changes necessary to never have to pay for camera gear again then have a look at how large multinational companies are F#~king up our world and our lives for the good of their shareholders. That will be the topic of my next sleepless night. There is so much we need to do to fix this stinking situation. It has to start at a grass roots level. Once you have made the changes, tell all your friends the secret of getting free stuff, and see if they care enough to do their bit for the planet. If they are still dragging their heels, make them feel bad about how they, by there actions, are stuffing up the future for you. And I don’t subscribe to the bullshit line, China is making more pollution that everyone so what chance do we have, we still per head of population pollute more than just about anyone else on the planet, how does that make you feel?

Phew, got that off my chest! Now I can go to sleep.


~ by christianfletcher on November 14, 2009.

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  1. Sleep well mate… that’s alot to get off your chest. Just the other day I went down to spoon bay and it was littered with piles of bottles in old fires lit on the beach and along Forresters Beach and Spoon Bay every 10 meters was a dead bird. They certainly didn’t all die of old age. I hate carrying out peoples old rubbish from remote areas (but I do it) as they are too lazy to crush their coke can and carry it out with them or put their chip packet in their pocket. Wankers.

  2. yep Matt, it shits me too. I think it is down to educating the public to become aware of the environment. We all are guilty of taking it for granted> I just can’t stand by and watch people do the wrong thing. Now is the time to make people aware of their responsibilities. Everyone has to do there bit. I think people that litter are generally young low rent bogans or rich arrogant assholes who think this planet is theres to treat anyway they want.

  3. Hope you got some sleep, nice rant, I turn my power off @ the mains when I go away for work

  4. Well said Christian. If we all do a LITTLE bit, it makes a BIG difference.

  5. Christian unfortunately we live in a materialistic world where a lot of people don’t give a shit & take things for granted!! Maybe people will start listening???? How ever I hear you mate!! After being back from Italy & seeing how the other part of the world live it makes you respect what we have over here!! Green is best

  6. I hear and have had your rant and argument countless less times with folks. I just responded to another photographers post on a very similar thing. I get myself in a lot of hot water when I bring up topics like this. We could learn so much from our pets and animals but we fail to look past our ever increasing self satisfing importance. Saddening to think about

  7. Well done, mate! We have a bit of an advantage by living on our farm where re-use is part of our daily life. Food scraps go to the chickens and pigs, we heat with wood so fallen trees provide the fuel, and our town is very promotional of recycling. However we all can do more, and more importantly, get by with less.

  8. whilst i may not venture as deep as the above arguments… yeah, its shit.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me that we (eg government) seem to have to wait for someone else to do something good before we will do it too – surely it makes sense to do the rightie even if no one else is. It’s a shame that we also tend to look for reward in our actions rather than just being satisfied that it is a good thing to do. But still there are pitfalls – we spent a small fortune on replacing almost all the globes in our house with the best green solution we could find. As fate would have it they are all R80s and the “green” equivalents were ~$25 each but we thought it was the right thing to do. However later we were criticised because apparently there is more mercury etc in the “green” globes and they can’t be recycled etc etc – what was the right thing to do?

    It’s a sad observation also that the only people I see randomly picking up other people’s rubbish off the side of the road tend to be old people – they’re still trying to keep the place in the best shape possible even though their time is almost up.

    By the way, on a gadget level, we bought a powerboard with a master/slave configuration with the TV as the master and the DVD, video, set top box and sound system as slaves – when you switch the TV off, all the slaves are totally powered off too, and they all power on again when you switch the TV back on. Much easier than trying to get to powerpoints and switches behind cabinets etc.

    There are definitely so many things that we can do and a reminder from time to time is a good thing. Sorry you had to lose sleep over it. At least you weren’t laying there jealously fuming over your brother going on a fantastic PNG cruise on a luxury boat!

  10. Well said Christian, we are believers of turning power off at the wall and try to stick by it! All our scraps go to our two fantastic egg laying chickens so we don’t need to buy horrible battery eggs 😦 All our firewood comes from fallen trees at the in-laws farm. We have a very small but cosy house and are very happy with it while most of our friends have the big houses and all the gadgets to go with it, and still aren’t happy!!! My only gripe with your post would be all the lights that we are constantly having to get fixed in the Margs Gallery?????? Any ideas for power efficient Photo Image Galleries???

  11. Quite a rant there- but well deserved too!
    The one thing recently I don’t understand is why new houses require 50 lights- lighting up the outside?? Seems to be the biggest of the new stupid fads going round.

    And spot on about the rubbish- people are more then happy to carry in a package full of food/drink- then they get to the destination (that they obviously love enough to go out there in the first place) and proceed to wreck it by being too lazy to carry the empty package back out with them! The cliffs of Carnarvon (WA) are some of the worst i’ve seen- with literally piles of bottles/cans/fishing equipment piled up at the car parks. Withing a meter of where their car would have been parked….

    I came across this site a while back from a post on Flickr I think it was.
    Check out these 3 vids- the 3rd is probably the best (even though scariest!!). It’ll get you all thinking for sure.
    Excuse the cruddy adverts- and at times the topics can be a lil slow. But they are well worth watching!

  12. Good one Christian. We keep have most appliances on powerboards, if we don’t need it on, the switch is turned off, standby is for wooses 😉 We also recycle all that we can, have a compost bin, purchase green energy, have lights off when we aren’t in the room.

    The biggest energy consumer in a house tends to be the hot water heater. So keep your showers short, do your clothes washing in cold water or switch to solar hot water if you can.

    If you need to use air conditioning, it doesn’t have to be super cold, set it to 25C (or higher), not 21C. 25C is still more comfortable then the 35C outside.

    Also make sure you turn off those printers when not in use. On my little laser printer, I have it loaded with old paper that has already been printed on one side. Most of the printing I need is for myself so I use that old paper instead. On a Mac, likely on Windows too, you can print more then one page on a single page, I usually have four pages on the one page, saves paper and energy.

    Don’t even get me started on rubbish in parks and the beach 😦

  13. After having lived on boats that run on battery power and have a limited amount of water for most of my life, you learn to conserve things like that.
    Our planet is like a small vessel crossing a large ocean!

    Question is, will we arrive at our destination before we use up our life supporting supplies?

  14. I still cannot believe how many climate change sceptics are still out there. Today is our 9th day straight above 30°C with no real relief in sight, and this is unheard of for this time of year. Science clearly indicates that our atmospheric carbon levels are way higher than normal. Would you ignore your kid’s 41° body temperature, 4° above normal?

    Our Government is spending way too much time on an emissions trading scheme that will essentially do nothing but create a false green economy, a tax that will only inflate energy costs and allow us to continue to pollute. We need a co-operative approach by both political parties to resolve the issue and not some botch job planned in a year.
    Their Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) is an absolute sham, this allows big polluters to offset their C0² emissions, allowing you to get a discount on the solar water system/solar panels, therefore your investment go unrewarded because you are not offsetting your C0²s, you are doing it for the big polluters. Therefore you will need to go plant some trees or purchase your own carbon offsets, and carbon is still been produced. The Government then makes the concept so confusing on their website and Penny Wong rambles on so no one listens, so the average Joe cannot interpret nor understand.
    Rudd then pours $35 million dollars into Toyota Australia to produce a Camry Hybrid that will still omit the same amount of C0² emissions that a European 4 cylinder diesel, eg VW Golf or Peugeot.
    Small man syndrome (sms) is a huge contributor to C0² emissions, with their giant houses that require an entire gas plant to power the 8.7kWH split system to heat and cool their castle, and generate their 50” large screen TV’s. My other pet peeve is when companies brand products as green, eco, eco friendly etc when they still omit or require vast amounts of energy to produce them, e.g. the Toyota Prius.


    It is obvious that we need to build more energy efficient, sustainable dwellings and to eliminate the disastrous Kath & Kim style, Fountain Gate suburbia. An increase of the 5 star building rating to 8-10 stars.

    Spend Toyotas $35 million on researching energy efficient ways of producing mass quantities of Hydrogen, a concept that the majority of car producers a leaning towards, and are already implementing.
    Smaller families are needed; Australia cannot sustainably feed or house our 24 million mouths. So stop reproducing, and Costello is to blame, ‘one for the country’, what a tossa.

    Learn to grown and kill your own food, including kangaroos. The ‘food miles’ concept is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK, and can apply to other products eg clothing.

    Earlier this year I purchased shares in Geodynamics, a company that is in the process of building a hot rocks/steam plant that will create 100% clean energy without producing any C0² emissions. If they go bust, I couldn’t careless; however it is an investment for the future, and quickly gaining support in Victoria from other firms.

    If we can combine Solar, Wind, Geothermal and other carbon free energy producers, these methods should easily cater for the needs of 24 million Australians.

    That’s my rant for today, and I am only warming up, sorry guys.

  15. This post is going to the history of wordpress!

    I reckon I’m pretty good with saving power and using both sides of paper etc. What really shits me is the destruction of native busland in Australia (and indeed the world).

    Whether it be for spraling urban development, logging, building of 5 stars resorts on pristine coastlines etc. In the SW corner of WA there is so little natural bush left yet we let governments and developers tear it all down!


  16. Very well said Christian! It all begins and ends with oneself. No one else. Every single one of us must take charge, must take responsibility for this planet, for our eco systems, animals, society. There are far far too many people living life as if they were a passenger on a train. They paid the ticket, feel they’re entitled to everything in the buffet without doing anything themselves. We must all help and it starts with the little things. Save water! Save Electricity! Don’t litter. Pick up and mention it if you see other people litter. Shop responsible. Join and support organisations like wwf if you can. Most important of all: do something, not nothing!

    Very good post Christian!

  17. great to hear from so many people doing there bit to make our planet a better place to live. In fact it doesn’t surprise me that you all have posted. I have just about met you all and have sensed that the environment is something you care about. So what we all need to do is convince our families and friends to make changes too. Imagine in a perfect world if each of us could convert 10 friends to a more sustainable lifestyle and they then could each convert 10 more of their friends and so on. It would spread faster than Swine Flu, another of mans fuck ups, and before you know it the world would have a better chance.

    Now the Greenland ice cap is melting so much faster than predicted. Once it is all gone the sea level will be 7 meters higher. So my gallery in Dunsborough will be underwater. So will half the town actually. The cost of this would be huge and would make the cost to change to green power miniscule in comparison. Why won’t people see that the cost in the long run will be worse than if we make the changes now.

    Thanks everyone for making a comment, lets get some momentum up though and lets try to do something. If it is ok for the JW’s to go and preach their religion it’s ok for us to do the same.

  18. Yep, it’s amazing what can happen to one’s awareness once you’ve signed up for solar. Once the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ can be envisaged lights get turned off, the 2nd fridge gets decommissioned, non essentials get turned off at the mains. Once connected a weekly audit begins and energy audit becomes the normality. My installation occurred on Tuesday 10/11/2009, and alyhough it’s early days so far I’m ahead and I’m going to try and keep it that way. I’m now investigating passive solar ways of keeping my home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Once I’ve got Aperture (Apple) sorted I’ll post some photo’s of my installation.

    Personally I think the WA 5* building code is a joke, after seeing what makes such a home 5* it’s nothing other than a series of band aids. You’re still allowed lots of north and west facing windows as long as you have roof insulation… This helps to keep the heat in (in summer), a 1000L water tank helps too, just enough to water the average garden for a fortnight (if that) in Perth as recommended by the water monopoly. The new 5* homes come with ‘landscape packages’ comprising of couch and a few waterwise plants, of these shade (to the house) is not a priority and ‘reverse brick veneer’ is still an expensive alternate even though it’s the cheaper option in the eastern states.
    Hay bale construction, (not in the Metro area) at R30 how are the utilities going to sell us energy for heating and cooling? WA’s building codes are still aimed at providing long term profits for the utility companies in my opinion, the more I look into it the more I’m convinced, 5* should be renamed ‘5 token’.
    Besides, if nothing gets done soon you’ll be down to a single gallery, the smallest in Maggie River, I’ve seen the 1.5m contour mapping!

  19. What…”I can’t shoot elephants”.

    Damnnn, I’ll have to strike that African holiday off my list!!


  20. thanks CF, now I can finally afford a 100-400!

  21. I’ve been turning off lights (including porch lights) and recycling and being “green” for probably 25 years – way before it became popular. There are hopefully more people now aware of the need for helping the earth than there were back in the 80’s – but there are still way too many who don’t care. Of course, there are alot more polluting stinky loud diesel trucks and people who throw garbage out their car windows than there used to be, so it’s still a rough road and I get damned mad all the time when I see it.

  22. I agonised over whether to post a reply to this for some time, finally reasoning that whilst I will be basted in vitriol and roasted by flames, if but one individual understands my message, it will have been worthwhile.

    Good onya CF for having a crack, however…

    Humans have a propensity to want what’s best for their offspring and themselves, as with all life, its basic genetics. Problem is, most of us simply don’t see the bigger picture. It’s a very handy by-line to be able to hide behind such a noble and seemingly altruistic cause as “saving the environment”. Look just a tiny bit deeper however and still we see that even here, there must be a trade. Humans must still “gain” from caring, must still receive a dividend from saving the environment. Be that something as simple as receiving a new “must have” lens (which will be un-biodegradable landfill in no time, not to mention the footprint required to MAKE that new lens….negating the original power saving from which its acquisition came from) in return for turning power off, or the ever famous catch cry of making a better future for our kids. Really want to make a difference??? DON’T HAVE KIDS!!! Humans are the single source of the earth’s issues. Decrease your footprint by NOT producing more FEET!!!

    Rather than putting your financial gain from energy savings into the perpetuation of materialism, throw that money directly back into conservation. Donate to a green charity of your choice, drop a day a week of work and donate your time to volunteer groups (what??? Are you crazy, I can’t afford to do that, how would I pay off my 98” plasma????), walk through ancient lands rather than motoring through them in million dollar boats…. Whilst basic lifestyle changes are a step in the right direction, they are but a spit in the ocean compared with true compassion for the earth.

    On the whole, humanity is sooooooo far from “truly” giving a shit…but we are making a start.

    I praise Christian for making an effort to raise awareness, every little bit helps.

  23. Well its pretty clear that this is a passionate subject for alot of us perhaps its got something to do with the fact that we are all interested in photography, landscape and our environment and as photographers we tend to notice the detail.
    Living in the tropics for over 10 years now I have been sad to see the design of houses geared towards air-conditioning.Little block homes like the southern states, its sad. We live in an old style Darwin house (circa 1955) which is elevated with heaps of louvres we have no need for air-cons.As far as temps go, well its something we are all going to have to get used to. We are used to daily temps of 38 Degrees at the mo (um and our kids are fine).Not everyone can move house to a cooler one obviously but I think some commonsense is in order and to look around at the practical things we can do.
    A while ago Telstra’s lines were cut and all of darwin was cut off from the world including mobile phones,internet and atm’s for 12 hours or so.It was interesting to see the absolute chaos! No one could remember how to use the old fashion credit card machines and everyone in Govt had to be shown how to use fax machines again! Sometimes I think things were easier with less technology and affordability.
    Powerful topic CF …
    PS In the wetseason (now) we have regular power outages and although everyone complains bitterly I enjoy the candle light and the silence although I’m not sure everyone shares my view on that but my point is its a nice back to basics momment.

  24. Wow, we have 24 million peoples?

    Certainly a good thing this is, to stir up the passion for protecting our environment, and we should just keep encouraging others to make the stand like CF is, without comparing ourselves as we all have different needs. Even the good old tree huggers, who although I find their lifestyle very unappealing, who are the ones getting their hands dirty making a stand, have to drive around in something, and usually not the most modern eco car, so should we judge them for not wanting to buy a modern car. Nah, we should applaud them and others for making a stand and good on you CF for putting out the call, as you are pulling us into account without condemning or comparing, so i applaud that, with my second screen glaring at me with contempt……hmmmmm.

    On another note, I’m not quite sure how one can be a nature photographer and not see an amazing creator in it all, especially when u do macro photography. Oh, the pure design, We were designed to produce offspring so to not have children bc of fear would be against what we were designed for, and this is from personal experience of fearing the future of the planet and not wanting kids until I now realize that I love kids so much and wish I didn’t do that to myself, pretending it doesn’t matter not having children.

    I think we are an inventive lot and will produce turnaround technology from our desperation, things that haven’t even been dreamed of yet, and although i think we possibly are pretty screwed in working out a solution for this, to reverse the environmental clock so to speak, it is my faith in eternal life that gives me hope for our future. Note – if you are strongly against God, just ignore me, please don’t turn CF’s blog into a debate about this, it’s okay to let someone express their faith without debating that we should leave God out of this. My point is the future is pretty grim when you leave God out of it. 😉

  25. Everyone has been making some amazing points and it is great to read them. Craig said it well that as individuals we all have different need and hence lifestyles. I however, looking like a tree hugger, don’t think I could chain myself to a tree, that is not in me but you have to admire people with that level of commitment. I think we can all make our contributions in any way that works with our lifestyles. The thing is to think about how you can do things more efficiently so as to make a difference without having to go to great hardship. This is what Jen and I have done. We have our 7 solar panels on the roof and are mostly energy self sufficient at home. The galleries are a different matter and we blow it on this level. Still we are replacing lights blown with energy efficient ones and we have often talked about getting solar panels to offset our energy use. Unfortunately when you rent a premises you don’t want to improve the owners property Too much! Still the galleries are how I make my living and am limited by what we can do. We do what we can within the confines of our lifestyles.

    Has anyone seen that Perth guy who invented that wind generator for use on a normal suburban home. Fantastic idea, not new but he has seemed to perfect it. I think they are $2000 each to buy and 8 would run your house completely. I think 5 solar panels and 5 of those things would be fantastic.

    As for not having kids Graham, I mentioned that this morning when my daughter had me up twice and then decided to cuddle up at 4.30am. Still once you have kids you realise there is something worth living for, without them life would be hollow and too damned easy. And as Malcom Fraser once said, “life wasn’t meant to be easy”.

    Craig, yeah lets get religion in here as well, the posts will stretch on forever. I’m not really religious but do have a belief in something after the body dies. I believe that doing all you can to be a good person will see you right in the end. Besides it’s too hard to choose the best religion, It’s like the Nikon Canon thing, some good features some bad features ;0) hehe

    Dan go forth and buy that lens mate, but first you need to know how much carbon went into the air making that thing. Sorry you might have some energy saving to do yet!!!

    Brent you can shoot people who waste electricity however, the best thing is you know when they are doing it. Just go out at night and look for the brightest object!! ……………..actually on second thoughts don’t go and shoot people, just sneak up to their meter box and switch the whole thing off.

  26. Firstly, Great topic.
    It cool, while alot of people feel like this, they rarely get the chance to vent and share frustrations with like minded people.. How many people here find themselves in friendly ‘discussions’ with someone who doesn’t care for making a change? or bitching about a random person that just (due to some actions you just witnessed) couldn’t give a rip and/or just the plain ignorant?
    I reckon most photographers have a heart and desire for all this stuff, I mean come on, it’s more than half the reason us landscapers and nature kids get out there, for me half the time photography is just an excuse to go and GET BACK TO IT ALL!!!! not ‘get away from it all’ – the holiday ‘me’ mindset/misconception.
    Alot of good points have been made already (man thats alot of reading!) that don’t need to be regurgitated again and again… But it’s well said by Christian everyone has their own different levels of lifestyles and involvement. I reckon he has also hit the nail on the Head with the FREE lens part as well.. It’s too costly for governments to convert to green, it REALLY IS up to each individual. Most people like us have already made the adjustments, and it’s fine. I find it fun and challenging to think of ways to get by with less, or become more efficient at something else.
    I think a humbly small key to start on is to get the rest of the world to li$ten is with the cash part.. As soon as we can find a good marketing way for our green ways to become ‘$GREEN$’ ways.. it will start to make a little bit more difference. After all, it’s absolutely amazing how money motivates human beings, changes attitudes and personalities and influences the course of their lives.

    Next topic – How the oil companies have known about this for well into the decades! How they buy out, or BURN out the little men making a difference.


  27. Firstly, Great topic.
    It cool, while alot of people feel like this, they rarely get the chance to vent and share frustrations with like minded people.. How many people here find themselves in friendly ‘discussions’ with someone who doesn’t care for making a change? or bitching about a random person that just (due to some actions you just witnessed) couldn’t give a rip and/or just the plain ignorant?
    I reckon most photographers have a heart and desire for all this stuff, I mean come on, it’s more than half the reason us landscapers and nature kids get out there, for me half the time photography is just an excuse to go and GET BACK TO IT ALL!!!! not ‘get away from it all’ – the holiday ‘me’ mindset/misconception.
    Alot of good points have been made already (man thats alot of reading!) that don’t need to be regurgitated again and again… But it’s well said by Christian everyone has their own different levels of lifestyles and involvement. I reckon he has also hit the nail on the Head with the FREE lens part as well.. It’s too costly for governments to convert to green, it REALLY IS up to each individual. Most people like us have already made the adjustments, and it’s fine. I find it fun and challenging to think of ways to get by with less, or become more efficient at something else.
    I think a humbly small key to start on is to get the rest of the world to li$ten is with the cash part.. As soon as we can find a good marketing way for our green ways to become ‘$GREEN$’ ways.. it will start to make a little bit more difference. After all, it’s absolutely amazing how money motivates human beings, changes attitudes and personalities and influences the course of their lives.

    Next topic – How the oil companies have known about this for well into the decades! How they buy out, or BURN out the little men making a difference.

  28. Dang. Delete that 🙂

  29. Although I agree in every part of Christian’s ‘rant’ about the ‘green’ issue. The UK is always trying to please the EU that were saving as much as we can. Their are different issues for everyone that their ‘over’ use of energy is needed more than the next man’s. It’s a very fine line we all tread. Of course YOUR own energy is more important than anyone elses. Or is it. For example: Does that mean bang goes the North star trips? after all, you need a car to transport you to the docks, then the boat uses fuel to get you to the destination, then there’s the helicopter rides which uses more fuel, are they all nessasary for a photo? With out travel, Would Christian be as successful? Why haven’t all car’s been converted to LPG? (cheaper & greener). until governments make strict rules & ban some, there will always be options for people to abuse the green issues.

  30. It’s amazing how this debate has so many facets to it. How everyone has added a point to the discussion that makes you think, “yeah good point” It shows how complicated it can become when you have to think of everyone as an individual. I think the last post by T. Jeavons hit it on the head. If the government said, ok this is it. You can only use this or do that then everyone will have no choice, sound like Communism, maybe, but we might need such steps. True North is an extravagant holiday and it sure as hell does use some fuel getting people to some remarkable places. Still the flip side is, by going on it I have become more passionate about the environment. I have seen the Kimberley for what it is, a remarkable pristine wilderness. I think tourist ventures like this one should be encouraged and the oil and gas companies discouraged from entering these special places. Sure tourist stuff some things up but if managed properly it could replace the need for our government to make money from big polluting companies. I think NZ is a good example of this idea.
    We are looking into planting trees to offset our emissions from our galleries, as soon as the info comes back we will be into it. There is so much land out there that needs rehabilitating.

  31. Very interested debate CF. As most people here are landscape or nature photographers (or interested in) we all seem to have the likeminded attitude towards the environment and perhaps see things that others can’t. I’m not sure where the answer lies or even if there is one but everyone has a choice of how they choose to live and how big their ‘footprint’ is on the planet. Their footprint also effects how big their children’s are as kids tend to emulate their parents. I choose not to live in a 400m² house with no eves on a 600m² block, not to have airconditioning, not to buy an LCD TV and keep up with the latest gadgets. My little boys don’t have DVD player in the car, rather they look out the window and observe….can be painful at times but I’d rather that than the anti-social, mind numbing behaviour that it illicits. They spend most of their time out in the garden playing real games, not that WII crap, they know how spuds, garlic, peas and other veggies grow, take great delight in picking strawberries, raspberries and blueberries before Dad gets home. Everyone has a choice, continue with the same herd or go looking for a new paddock.

  32. and then plant some f&%^ing trees on that paddock!

  33. Our kids don’t watch TV either Andrew, they have been on heaps of long car trips with us taking photos and never had the DVD player on. We find audio books are just as good and help them to visualize what they are listening to. Your right about kids emulating their parents and we are very aware of that. Our boy will turn off all the lights after himself and doesn’t waste things. They both love the garden and helping out and I know they will be good custodians for our planet in the future, it starts at home with the parents.They are sort of like computers, “shit in Shit out”

  34. lets not turn this into a full assault against technology, its perfectly fine to enjoy time on your TV and WII as long as you keep it realistic. “Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time”. Ever tried father/son multiplayer on a console? maybe try bond they’re way for once, you may enjoy it as well. They’ll brag to they’re friends about having a dad cool enough to play ace combat 6 on xbox with them!!

  35. I’m so with the audio mob, most comedy is better in audio, when ever I listen to a BBC radio comedy that gets made into a TV series it pretty much always disappoints. Terry Pratchett once wrote that hell could do no worse at all to an individual, that couldn’t be made worse than the individuals’ own mind & imagination.
    ISIHAC is a good example, it’s on the BBC website, you can’t help but learn something from it, it been around for decades.

  36. How to save money!

    Read this blog post and it will take as long a a feature film

  37. Top post Christian – There are so many little things that we all can do and even if we all only do some of them it would make a HUGE difference.
    Another great little thing I do is that when I go away for more than a few days I turn off my hotwater system power at the meter box, heating our hotwater is one of the bigger electricity users at domestic level – unless you are totally solar or gas of course ! (who the hell needs to waste electricity and money heating hot water when you are not even home?). I then have an arrangement with my neighbour so that on an agreed date, the day before I get home or via a phone call she comes over and flicks the switch back on. I do the same for her when she goes away.

  38. Read today we have now hit the 6,700,000,000 folks now sharing this spinning blue ball …. was it not just yesterday we cracked 6 billion?

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