The International Pano Awards

The International Pano Awards are now open. Get your entries in now. This isn’t my photo comp, mine will be announced soon. There are some great prizes to be won so have a crack. If your not in it you won’t win it!!


~ by christianfletcher on November 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “The International Pano Awards”

  1. sweeeeet student category!!

  2. what the heck is this donut stuff all about? 🙂

    • Ya forgot the pizza night ya donut ….

    • This is a term that was used when I was at school (before you were a sparkle in the old man’s eye Stakky) – it usually was in reference to the empty space in the middle of the donut, in analogy to the offender’s head. Hence, you forgot the pizza night you donut (empty head). It could equally apply to “you are a famous landscape photographer and you went travelling and forgot your tripod – you donut (or other hypothetical situations!) 🙂

      • OH well now we’re referring to the HOLE inside a donut! well thats just unrelated. Calling someone a donut could refer to them being… coated in sugar or uh… deep fried? You creative types and our old day insults! 🙂

  3. I see you’re one of the judges Christian so that gives the rest of us half a chance at winning!

  4. Sean and Neil. You are funny fellas!

  5. Stakky you are a donut, but we like ya little guy. We need some kid to poke fun at as your too bloody good for your age. You need to be bought back to reality so old farts like us can feel good about ourselves again.

    Now Muzzy, who would be stupid enough to leave their tripod at home when heading off on a two month PHOTOGRAPHY trip. And who would be so stupid as to do it again a couple of months later?? Some donut!!!

    Yep I am one of the judges Graham, so open to any sort of bribery!!………….. nah not really, I am too honest. Still every man has his price!! hehe

  6. aha Fletch i think you “old farts” need to be brought back to reality and figure out when i’m just messing around!! seriously think i’m insulted by “donut”? 🙂 haha!

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