Photomatix tone mapping plugin for Photoshop

The Monastery

This is a photo I took in New Norcia the other month with photographers Mark Stothard, David Bettini and Greg Munyard. After seeing Marks photo of the old mansion in Trinidad I got all inspired to have a crack my own architectural photography. This was again tone mapped from a single image in photoshop with the photomatix plugin. I am really loving doing this on just the single images, I haven’t seemed to get too many noise issues, nothing Noise Ninja couldn’t fix anyway. This image was taken with the 5D mark II and my trusty Canon 50mm f/1.2 god I love that lens.


~ by christianfletcher on November 19, 2009.

10 Responses to “Photomatix tone mapping plugin for Photoshop”

  1. Interesting and sppoky mate. Did you say you were going to chat about tone mapping on the Rotto trip?

  2. yeah Dave, I’m going to be the photomatix king by the time the true north gig comes around. Just about to post another one.

  3. Very cool picture CF. Looking forward to learning some HDR techniques on the rotto trip. Can be a bit of a bugger to get the right colour saturation and low noise.

  4. Great processing!!

  5. Interesting results Fletch… what are you finding better the Photomatix program or the plug in for photoshop.

  6. Hey Christian I’ve using photomatix for a wile u can get some great stuff out of it!! I prefer photomatix personally as apposed to the pluggin!!

  7. oh come on fletch at least link to a landscape!

  8. Nice work Mate,

    I saw you take this shot and made a mental note to keep an eye out for what you did with it…and am certainly impressed….it has a true CF feel to it.

    Looking fwd to learning more about Photomatix as I have not had much success at all with that one!



  9. I followed a link from my blog to get here.

    Apparently theres a cracker image here to look out , now where is it I wonder ?

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