What is an Australian Landscape Photograph ??

Story to come, going to bed I’m knackered!


~ by christianfletcher on November 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “What is an Australian Landscape Photograph ??”

  1. Looking forward to your workshop on this Christian, I am playing but they all look crap!! Ahhh must wait for the master………(clang of gong in background!)

  2. Why its anything by Peter Lik of course! 😉

  3. I have my idea but ……. Waiting waiting waiting …… for you wake UP!

  4. I agree with James. Peter Lik is the legend of Australian landscape photography. All the rest are mere mortals. You can try and be as good as him Fletcher, but you know you can never be Lik. He is THE MAN! We love Lik. Shame the same can’t be said about you…

  5. link to my blog a few more times in this upcoming rant 🙂 i did the same in my “about stakky page”!!

  6. Hey Fletch – I’m on the blogroll – link me up!!

  7. Peter Lik? Phooee I think it depends on the individual? For O/S tourists Australian landscape image is something iconic and perhaps for alot of Australians it is too.For some its the less known places. For me an Australian Landscpe image is something that tells a story and I think I find these images even better if I know the photographer’s background or the reasons they took the image.My favourite landscape image is by Peter Dombrovskis, “Rock Island Bend” taken in the Franklin River, South West Tasmania. I love this image because of what it represents more than anything;the struggle to save the Franklin River.I also respect how hard it was to get images like these using a large format camera and in such harsh terrain.
    An Australian Landscape image can be anything from a polaroid shot of the hills hoist in a suburban backyard (the landscape we live in) to Australia’s last wilderness images from beaches to desert, kimberleys to daintree.

  8. Saw you take this one as well I did!

    Like it I do!

  9. Seems like all we’re talking about here is pretty pictures, iconic symbols. Photographs of place and time. All good but somewhat limited. You have many images which are more than that Christian, they’re the ones that will stand the test of true critique and will command a longer lasting degree of respect.

  10. Well said Jules

    Thanks for the comment Mike, I agree with you that photographs must have something more than just a pretty waterfall or pristine beach. I have been taking the typical Landscape photograph for many years and it hasn’t been until recently that I feel I am getting to understand what a great image really is. Pretty pictures sell, that is great but they don’t give me any satisfaction. My recent photo of the lone man walking across a city street is more of what interests me now. After meeting Les Walkling, he opened my eyes to what a fine art photograph really was. I thought I knew but I didn’t.
    Each person has an idea of what they like but I think the longer you take photos the more you want to achieve with them. For me it isn’t the glossy fujiflex spewed out in ever increasing numbers.

  11. Love the picture. Hate the border.

  12. yeah Hazel your right it isn’t too good,think I did it on the run,always on a time schedule, work dinner kids bed more work and then it all starts again. Time is my enemy.

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