Loving this Tone Mapping Stuff

New Norcia is such a great little town to explore, being so close to Perth it is a great day out with the camera. This scene took my eye, loved the old bench, these things make great subject matter. The sign says, “Meet a Monk day has been called off!!”


~ by christianfletcher on November 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “Loving this Tone Mapping Stuff”

  1. Awesome Christian great fine art piece
    Very nice indeed
    Do you download Photomatix and use as a CS4 plugin?

  2. This is an awesome shot – looks like it was made to be tone-mapped. The interesting textures and patterns in the detail fill the whole frame and despite the composition I want to look at every part of the picture. I’m looking forward to your talk – I hope you’re going to give advice on picking which shots work best. At the moment for me it’s definitely shite in-shite out.

  3. Yes like Muzz said, looking forward to your workshop, particularly that you will be dressed in your sailor suit!


  4. This one came out really nice Christian.

  5. Nice capture CF.
    They certainly have set that up well for photography.
    Is that your shadow in the glass?, an arm and a thigh.

  6. This is the stuff I like to shoot. Just heavenly.

  7. This is the stuff I like to shoot. Just heavenly but take out the poster.

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