Autumn Trees, Dorrigo

After seeing Neal Pritchards amazing Autumn tree shot from America, I had a look at my crap. I worked this up in desperation to claw back any self respect I could muster only to have failed the mission. Neal you have clipped my wings on that one mate.
This scene was in Dorrigo, NSW.


~ by christianfletcher on December 1, 2009.

22 Responses to “Autumn Trees, Dorrigo”

  1. really nice shot there fletch!

  2. Nice work.

  3. can i just personally thank you for uploading a REAL LANDSCAPE for once!!!

    …and making it awesome

  4. I actually like this a bit better than Neal’s , although his is a cracker , sorry Neal.

    This tells more of a story and the ambience of the light and the empty seat really say something.

    I think this is one of the better shots of yours that I’ve seen for a while so I wouldn’t put it down too much. Maybe it has some flaws that we can’t see at this size.

    Funny how we all see things differently , that’s gotta be a good thing.

    So the bottom line is … it’s a yep from me !!!

  5. Our worst critics are ourselves hey, This is an awsome photo, id be very pleased to have taken something like this.

  6. Love it …. Liking these more and more bright shots these days, something to light up a room. Like the tree branch posted earlier … Is it a fraction off kilter?

    Must be doing something right getting a mention from the Mervman 🙂

  7. this is an amazing shot, simply breathtaking

  8. Hey Cf have you got a link to Neal’s blog/web.
    Would I be right in mentioning the highlights over the water being over cooked.
    None the less the leaf texture is awesome, also let Mike know CD on the way for his new HD footage

  9. Nice, love this, whats the post processing on it?

  10. great colour….and I love the tiny bench in the light. Makes me wanna sit there with a cup of coffee. (Thought Neal’s shot had fab colours, a bit more abstract…’s a real inspiration seeing so many great shots)

  11. Brilliant shot CF, that would certainly brighten up a room, would look great on metallic paper.

  12. Mate, I’ll take yours over Neal’s any day. Up here in New Hampshire we get foliage that seriously gets Nature’s TNFP filter. Your image is much closer to what we enjoy each autumn. Keep it up!

  13. Sorry fletch there is no water there mate, just put my glasses on and the mrs took the empty wine bottle away !

  14. Its a beauty. Nice golden glow about it

  15. An explosion of colour mate! Like it.

  16. This is a beautiful shot – not sure why you’d be disappointed in it. Must be time to get that old Dip FigJam dusted off and back up on the wall don’t ya reckon!

  17. my pleasure stakky, glad you like it, and yes it is a real landscape!! no trickery!

    Thanks Merv, glad you like it and yes we always like other peoples photos better than our own.

    Neal it was just sloping to the left a little naturally!;-)

    Yes it is in the links under Spool photography Adrian, glad Skye took the wine off you.

    Brooke the processing was pretty standard but I did blend two exposures so as to keep as much detail and dynamic range in the shot as possible.

    Steve I can only imaging what the Fall must be like over there.

    The diploma is going up as we speak Muzz, feeling better already!!

    Thanks for all the other comments guys, much appreciated.

  18. Beautiful warm glowing image Christian (although it looks a crispy morning up there). I dig the composition and emotion that this one evokes.


  19. Crackerlacker Mate!

    A big C from me mate!

  20. (said in a thick Russian accent) “Oh Christian I LOVE this one! The colours are so amazing. You are such a talented photographer Christian. Bring back those locks and I will make you mine forever!”

  21. That’s a ripper! Love those golden orange colours and the starburst coming through on the left side is awesome. One of my favs of your recent stuff, mate.

  22. Reminds me of home. Its beautiful.

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