Want a bargain?? Something nice for Christmas??

Ok everyone, this blog is here to make sure we all get the best price and service for our little community of bloggers. You might have been wondering why it has a lot more deals, ads etc. I want you all to come here to find out what is the latest HOT news or HOT deals. Then you can go off and buy whatever you want. My sole purpose is to keep you interested in this blog. Geez I’m a good bloke! Anyway some more hot news from the boys at Team Digital

Well its that time of year and we dont mean Christmas, it time for Team Digital to clear our Canon demo stock. Which could be a great present for that someone special or better still yourself.
Canon 1DsMk3 Sold
Canon 1DMk3 Sold
Canon 24/70 F2.8 Sold
Canon 16/35mm F2.8 II
Canon 24/105mm F4.0 IS
Canon 300mm F2.8 IS
Come in and check them out yourself.

Also they are now hiring out the new D3s, if you want to use one without blowing the coin. Might be just what you need for that concert, late night wedding or undercover surveillance gig. Anyone got a cheating partner that needs to be sprung, this is the camera for the job!


~ by christianfletcher on December 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Want a bargain?? Something nice for Christmas??”

  1. I’d love the 24-120mm f/4 IS, but I guess this is a typo? Or does TD have again crazy insight of future products?

  2. Hmmm i detect vague sponsorship…

  3. Stakky I get great support for pluging these companies, no money just help when it is needed. You look after those who look after you. Don’t worry yourself over it, now get back to your homework.

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