Brights Autumn Trees

Going back a few years I went to Bright one Australian destination every landscape photographer should go to. Bright is in Victoria in the Alpine region and every year in April May it turns Yellow. Neal from Spool photography got me thinking about all that amazing colour you get every autumn. These type of images are just crying out Jigsaw puzzle!! Anybody want one??? I’ll make this a million pieces just to make it more challenging for the kids. Will keep them quiet I think!


~ by christianfletcher on December 7, 2009.

9 Responses to “Brights Autumn Trees”

  1. Love these last couple of Autumn photos you’ve posted, Christian.

  2. Can’t see the wood for the trees !!!

    Gold … colour I mean , not APPA.

    It would make a nice canvas print.

  3. Hey Fletch this pic is far too good to chop into a million pieces. Better framed on the wall as one giant piece. Great colours!

  4. Nice one mate!

    Good to see more of the classic CF shots coming into play!

  5. thanks fellas, it is pretty cool going back to this old stuff. It was actually shot on the trusty old 20D and the 70-200, hand held from memory. Goes to shot you can still get something from the old dslr’s.

  6. Sweeeeeeeet!

  7. Cheers for the shout out Christian … Glad I may of had a slight hand in you going over some of your older files … This ones keeper love the tones and soft light from background to foreground. Still trying to work that out myself. Tried recently with a Yosemite pic posted on FlickR …

    Cool to see some new Landscape pics coming through … You have a nice digi copy of that one black and white with the red leaves and power line running through it. Thats a killer killer pic …

  8. thanks Will and Neal. Yep Neal you inspired me to go back to this stuff. To bad it was shot on the 20D. The 16 bit tiff came in at a whopping 46mb. Wow.

  9. Yet another great autumn shot, The colour and comp in this one is real nice.

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