Canon 1D Mark IV Release Date

Just got the scoop fromTeam Digital The Canon 1D mark IV will be here mid December, that means in a week or so. Now that is something worth frothing over too. Price from what I have been told is about $500 above the previous model. Now it better be worth the extra dough, I’m sure it will be. At this stage it looks as though Michael might get one to shoot with on his True North trip around Sydney Harbour. It will be awesome to use for the fireworks in the city on New Years Eve. Ben will hopefully get him one to take over, if he can’t maybe it is something Canon might get behind to help show off the video capability of this beast. The rest of us can only dream about being on True North on New Years Eve with a brand new mark IV to play with. Wish I was a video guy.


~ by christianfletcher on December 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Canon 1D Mark IV Release Date”

  1. Looking at the specs it should be well worth it, hopefully the A/F is really good, It seems they are releasing it pretty quick after announcing it too which is a good sign! now to wait for the 1ds 🙂

  2. yep the 1ds will be worth having a look at, I should get my hands on this camera pretty soon. Hope I don’t like it too much it will mean I want one!! When will it all stop??

  3. How can you not already want one Christian, the specs look awsome. Now just got to go win lotto.

  4. Canon’s new website is fairly shit, cannot find a thing on it.
    Bring back the old one.

  5. Yes Lotto, the best way to get rich!

    Haven’t seen it. What annoyed me about their old site is the prices for everything were so over the top and no where near the prices any wholesaler put on them.
    I think your words might reach the loft halls of Canon mate, I guess there gear is so good it gets promoted by word of mouth!

  6. Need to make friends with a few Airlines Christian …. I want deals on flights … Iceland would be my first choice please 🙂

  7. I am waiting for the 1Ds but that is still a way off Ben tells me..doh! The only negative I can see with the 1D is that it has a cropped sensor so all our wide angle lenses wont be wide any more…is that right CF? Cropped sensor that is?

  8. I took this camera for a test run on my 600mm the other week when the Canon folk were in town and oh my… I’ve not seen AF like it before!!!
    As anyone that pop’s into PRA will know (from my repetitive rants) I followed a car down Newcastle St with it and let it drift off the frame and it tracked AF even off the edge of frame (now keep in mind this 600mm looks like it fell from an airplane and is many years old) Awesome! Got confirmed pricing today too! Will send something through to CF ASAP to post for everyone on here to get the best deal!

  9. Yep mark it has a crop sensor

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