Canon 400mm f/5.6 for sale

Hi all,
Trying to sell my canon 400mm f5.6 lens (just like Christians). Bought it 6 months ago for $2000 and only used it twice. I would like $1200 for it.
Contact Jack on 0401375863

Poor Matt Lauder will be bummed out, he just got one, could have saved some coin on this puppy! This is one of my favorite lenses and if you don’t jump all over this you are crazy! The gold I got at this years APPAs was shot with my 400 f/5.6. I guess you could call it an award wining lens.

More bargains, Peter Ellery has this for sale

I’m selling my hardly used Canon 50D with a Sigma 10-20 lens. Body and lens $1800. You can call me on 0412 184 397 or email Cheers Peter


~ by christianfletcher on December 10, 2009.

9 Responses to “Canon 400mm f/5.6 for sale”

  1. I’ve been considering this lens for ages now great price, sent you a message jack let me know when I can come pick it up. Thanks for the add Christian

  2. My pleasure, hope you got it but I know merv was looking at it too.

  3. Yeh I did get it by the sounds of it I got very lucky. Sorry Merv. What an awsome lens now I can finnaly see what you have been raving on about.

    • Yeah I should have sent a text instead of a leaving a voice message Dan ,I think I got in well before you , but Jack didn’t get the message:)

      But that’s no worries Dan,hope it works well for you.

      Cheers Mate

  4. Arr… son of a bitch. Oh well I’ll just have to happy with owning a new one for the same price, almost. Bought from the US I only paid $1300 Aust + gst for mine.

    Merv head over to B&H photo and get one just a cheap.

  5. Thanks Matt for the heads up.

    Something like that was my next move.

  6. Merv I feel so bad, Maybe I will go chear myself up by using my nice “new” 400mm lens. Haha sorry, just be careful when you bring them in, Im not sure if there is an import tax aswell as just the GST. Good luck

  7. You will get charged GST only and a processing for anything over $1000. From memory, the fee was about $50 last time I had a lens over that price.

    B&H is great depending on the exchange rate.

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