Had my finger on the “Trigger” with the Nikon D3s

This is one of the still pics I have shot today for the movie called Trigger that is being made in Perth. It is being filmed at an old Mental Hospital and it is a very creepy place. More shoots to come including a night session with a cast of 60 people. That is going to be so much fun.

Now for the stats. Shot at 3200 iso, handheld at f/3.2 and a shutter speed of 1/500 sec. Focal length was 45mm on the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
To say I was blown away was an understatement. This camera is one serious piece of kit and I would have to say I have a brand new respect for Nikon now. So much so that I honestly think I might be batting for the wrong team. The camera is all back to front after being so used to Canons for such a long time, everything seems to go the other way, lens changing, cf card placement etc!

I managed to work my way around the camera very quickly and now feel pretty confident using it. When I zoomed in on my first shot of my son and saw every detail of his skin at 3200 iso with little to no noise I was gob smacked. This lens was pin sharp and I can’t remember ever experiencing the same wow factor with any Canon lens I own, even the primes. There are many great things to say about this camera and that lens and I will gesticulate further with further posts.

A big thanks goes out to Benny at Team Digital for letting me have this baby for a few days. It has made me think about being nice to Nikon guys in the future.


~ by christianfletcher on December 12, 2009.

19 Responses to “Had my finger on the “Trigger” with the Nikon D3s”

  1. The shot looks good Christian, sounds like a fun shoot.

    Bit early to be thinking about jumping ship isn’t it? Canon’s rumoured to be updating the 24-70, 70-200 and releasing a 12-24. And don’t forget the 1Ds IV isn’t far off either!

  2. all rumors mate, are they just playing catch up though??? Sure they still have good gear but not as exciting to me as this, well see what the 1D mark IV can do. I think if Nikon ever bring out the D700s or D700x and it is aimed at the 5D2 I think I could jump ship for their lovely glass. I have heard of Canon guys buying the Nikon 14-24 and an adapter and going that way. Then you can have a foot in both camps. must do some research on that and see if it is a good way to go.

  3. Mmmm…. looks and sounds interesting Fletch. Seams like a long list of your Canon lens might hit the blog for sale in the not to distant future. It’s funny how these two companies seam change the lead on the other and then it changes again few months later. But as you said it really all comes down to the quality of the glass. Comparing the D3s to the 1ds Mk IV will be the interesting thing.

  4. yeah Matt they all have their strong points. If I was a wedding photographer and I didn’t own a D3s I would be buying one this week. David Oliver was converted to Digital with the D3 and he has never looked back. I think it was shooting handheld in the church without flash that clinched it for him.

    The 1D mark IV will be great to get the hands on. Hope it has good auto focus. I think that might be the difference between the brands. Nikon have auto focus sorted, this camera was focusing in the dark, my 5D2 wouldn’t.

  5. Good to hear you are enjoying shooting Nikon Christian.
    Do the switch

  6. Come to the dark side, CF. Oh, and I am your father. (insert heavy breathing here)

  7. This is pretty cool actually, real smooth image

  8. Nooooooooooo thats not possible, ……………. I’m much older than you David, I am YOUR father (more heavy breathing in a non sexual way)

    Thought you would like the gun Stakky!!

  9. I’ve been trying to tell you just how good Nikon is for year’s Christian, finally some common sense is starting to prevail. Like Luke said just switch and come over to the dark side (said in a devilish voice ) …. At least we can take nice photo’s in the dark with NIKON. ha ha ha .

  10. Great stuff Christian. My Nikon will be retired soon for the D3s. That high ISO is just great. The lack of blown highlights too is amazing with them. Remember the image David Oliver showed us of the yacht’s white sail out in the sun with the unreal detail in it. Like you said he was blown away as well.

    Hey on another note did my first Market in Denmark on the weekend, great success. Thanks for the blue sky blue water tip, sold out. Also Glen Cowans was there so had a chat to him.



  11. Good point Christian, Nikon have some awesome glass (and that shits me).

  12. Nikon. Woo.

  13. Any chance we could get some info on how this shot was lit (is lit a word…lighted, is that a word?…you know what I mean, tell us how you made the lights go where you wanted in the photo!).

  14. Well Mr Fletcher……I hope you’re not curled up in a corner with the cold shivers!!! How could Nikon possibly do this to you?? Great to see you enjoyed using the camera. Great shot too. Now, do us Nikon uers finally get some respect??
    If you want to try out a nice wide angle prime, Howard from Camera Electronics has leant me a 21mm Zeiss f2.8, awesome to say the least!!

  15. Great shot Christian. Is this old mental asylum in Perth, looking over the Swan River by any chance? 😛

  16. Lovely shot Christian

    It will be interesting to see how the Nikon feels in your hand after you have shot with it for a little while.

    Regarding the 24-70 lens… it’s one of my favorite lenses… it is so damn sharp it’s scarey.

    Look forward to seeing your night work.


  17. your right Pete, Nikon have it over Canon on that front and has some better glass.

    good news David, nice to have some sales hey, blue water blue sky gets em everytime.

    The lighting was mostly natural with a fill light, tungsten balanced one, facing the bad guy. the rest of the light was added in photoshop.

    Jamie, Nikon guys are alright, just bad dressers!!

    Craig it is the Swanborne hospital, and it was used as a loony bin for a while I think. Such a spooky place, it really felt evil, I can imagine Brent Pearson going in their alone at night for a shoot and not even breaking into a sweat.

    The night shoot in a couple of weeks is going to be fabo Brent, 60 extras all in costumes and lots of mood lighting. It will be a sweet test for the Nikon and 5D2’s also. Michael will be on camera 2 and 3. I’ll be back on stills.

  18. D3 always seems rightfully to be aimed at fast low light stuff, but has anyone seen landscape done with d3 or d3s? Seems to be an allround use high end tool.

  19. Movies still my dream. I don’t care what you used just a great shot!

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