ISO of Prehistoric Proportions

Well take a look at this pic, it was shot on the run at the Perth Museum yesterday. On the run because my kids were scared out of their little minds when we went to this exhibition that is being held till later in the month. The dinosaurs moved and roared and were very lifelike. I was getting requests to leave then pleading then begging. I had just spent $28 to enter so I didn’t want to go but I also didn’t want the kids to be traumatized too much!! Just a little bit!!

Ok big deal you say, what if I said it was shot at 12800 iso?? Handheld no less whilst being pushed towards the exit and under extreme amounts of pressure to just take the shot daddy!! There is some noise there but noise ninja would eat it up. This is pretty much straight out of the camera too only a slight levels adjustment. The verdict, yep this is one ISO loving camera. I think I have found a new girlfriend, always wanted a mistress, hope the wife doesn’t mind!!


~ by christianfletcher on December 12, 2009.

19 Responses to “ISO of Prehistoric Proportions”

  1. Actually, the Dinosaurs Alive exhibition is a current exhibition running until the 7th of March, 2010.

    More details here,

  2. Impressive Christian. I am going to hold off getting a new nikon body until the D700s/x is released. Whenever that may be.

  3. I do have to say there is something more pleasing to the eye with Nikons Noise then Canons, like its more film like or something, I wouldn’t jump to Nikon just yet though πŸ™‚

  4. that would be the one to get Luke.

    Will you are so right the noise on the Nikon is very film like. I doesn’t have all that horrible colour in it. This is pretty impressive stuff.

  5. Are you a converted Nikon man now Christian?

  6. Hey that is impressive alright, Bring on the D700x.

  7. That nosie is pretty bloody good, Im impressed. I guess now we need to see what the 1D can do, its gonna have to do pretty good to beat the nikon though.

  8. Mate, likin all of your Nikon shots and for sure it is indeed showing off their superiority in low light…and man that Movie shot with the guy in it ohhh so sharp!

    Impressive stuff mate…oh and the shots are pretty cool as well mate!

  9. Interesting times eh? Nice shots Christian and good to see you chopped the locks off!

  10. Wow, that looks great! Now you’re just showing off!

  11. My wife has called my D3 my girlfriend for almost a couple of years now. One good thing is she does not get that jealous. However, it is very hard not to start dating the D3s. I am sure my wife would get upset if she caught me with this baby.

  12. Can I see all the canon users staring to get cold feet?? Nice work mate, looks good!!

  13. hmmm… I’m wondering about a nikon sample myself. The Nikon rep offered me a d700 for a while (trying to put me off the 5d!) so maybe ill give it a try. Anybody know of the noise difference between the 5d and d700?

  14. hahaha its amazing how everyone changes their minds after u give nikon a go CF!!!!
    that camera does look bloody good, but ill stay with my D700….. its doing me great for now.

  15. I don’t think there’d be any comparison Stakky, D700 by a long shot. You did say 5D right?

  16. Jeez Fletch with this kind of high ISO performance you’ll be able to take your dawn shots in the dark and be home back in bed before the sun comes up! πŸ™‚

  17. yeah I’m coming around to the nikon camp slowly Tom

    Mark you might need to look at Nikon now as an option seeing you will be updating soon.

    You like the hair hey Dave, it feels better, and grey doesn’t look so bad when it is short.

    The camera is the show off Levi, I am but a mere photographer with short grey hair and some wicked dance moves!

    Ray she will divorce you with that luscious girl

    Canon better pull a rabbit out of the hat to catch up with this body Jamie, I suspect the 1D mark IV might be their rabbit.

    no idea Stakky

    The D700x will be the one for you Clint

    Thats it Muzz, I will get up before the kids, take my shots and then wake the little buggers up when I get home see how much they like it. The Nikon is the perfect camera to upset small children.

  18. The biggest problem with the 1Ds Mk iv is that it looks like being another year away…that sucks! So does switching to Nikon! I have used them before and hate the menu logic they use!

    A dilema!

  19. Hi Christian,

    Thanks very much for posting your first impressions on the D3s.

    Take care

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