Nikon D3s in the Gym, Working out!

This girl happened to be training before the shoot today. The D3s was up to the challenge. She was moving pretty fast hence the leg blur. Pretty good action shot at 3200, probably could have gone to 12800 iso and froze it. It is actually still very usable at that iso. I haven’t had to use noise reduction on this shot at all. Now if that was my 5d2 forget it, at 3200 iso it performs like me doing gymnastics, pretty poorly.


~ by christianfletcher on December 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Nikon D3s in the Gym, Working out!”

  1. Hey Fletch, further to your new discoveries from Nikon, would you consider a phase one or mamiya.
    I am of the mind right now of just going for either one of these. Need to learn more about them and understand their specs but thought i would ask to see if you had any thoughts on these beasts !

  2. sure they would be great to have mate, but I think you would still need a Canon or a Nikon for this type of image. I am getting my hands on a phase one kit in January so will learn more then. It comes down to how much dough do you have and do you want to shoot just landscapes in perfect light or want to shoot fast action, wildlife, or weddings and what size prints you want to be making.

  3. so you will be using a phase one kit?? very keen to see your results with it!

  4. yes Will I hope to be, Benny from Team Digital is getting one for me to fool with.

  5. alright now get in your car, head over to smith beach and shoot a panoramic landscape at iso 100!!

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