Photomatix and the Wellington Dam

Took this photograph of Wellington Dam for Australias Southwest for there marketing material. The old photomatix lives on. Still just pushing sliders around but it is fun. You need to seriously sharpen these after to bring em back from the dead.


~ by christianfletcher on December 14, 2009.

11 Responses to “Photomatix and the Wellington Dam”

  1. Brilliant. Just love the sky and those fore ground rocks. Cant wait till the workshop to learn how to use Photomatix!


  2. This one turned out nice, I like these ‘diet’ HDR’s where the highlights are pulled back in without that ‘trendy’ halo effect.

  3. Almost as good as my brand new Lucky Bay photo. Hint hint. 😉


  4. thanks fellas, yeah the halos look terrible, it is knowing how far to take the images I guess, this worked ok and I kind of like the look.

  5. blatant plug for your blog Jamie, well done, I’m sure we will all be looking now!! hehe

  6. Nice , but not as good as mine … he he he he .

  7. blog hijackers are out in force today boys!!

  8. Nice one Christian!



  9. Mate I used HDR on a commercial shoot for inside units for the Stockland Group and your right over sharpen and also heaps of contrast needed to get them back into line

  10. yeah nice, a bit like the last 40 posts on my blog, flikr and redbubble you may have not yet looked at yet.

    What? a ploy for more hits? no way!!

  11. Wow, that sky is just brilliant, as is the colour in the rocks! I see what you mean about orange/yellow over red.

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