Epson Pano Awards

Here is some more info on this brilliant competition. All you pano shooters out there get your photos in! I’m one of the judges so I’ll be looking closely at the Perth entries. Go for it!

Good to see a company like Epson getting behind this, I love my 9900.


~ by christianfletcher on December 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “Epson Pano Awards”

  1. Great new header mate. So tell me Kenny who….?

  2. some grey haired old bloke that likes to hog the mic!! He always pretends he doesn’t know me, I say hey Ken, he says, thats Mister Duncan or sir to you. He has this stuff called film, don’t know what he does with it!

  3. Is he still using film? I thought I used the roll of 120 on the planet!

  4. Im hell there

  5. Haha… 360 Precision is offering a prize. Yea it will take a year to get it that’s if you get it at all. Hope this is a booby prize for the worst entry.

  6. haha your all funny guys, I with you Matt, 360 and service don’t seem to go hand in hand!

  7. Back of Stakky, Im in, although I just sold my 360 head the other week haha.

  8. Gota give this a crack i reckon.

  9. Well that’s it…I am gonna enter my first comp…….!

    I will have to look long and hard for something worthy šŸ™‚

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