5D2 goes for a swim

This is the first snorkeling I have done for ages and a great excuse to get the 5d2 under the water for some tests. I went out with Mark Stothard and Mark Reynolds and true to Markies form it was, “I have found a spot just out here, come on!” The next thing I know we are half a click out into the deep blue sea and I’m a bit of a land lover. I was thinking sharks, big jellyfish and the odd killer blowie might join us at any minute. Markie took this shot of me just before I lost consciousness when my free dive to 3 foot went horribly wrong!
Geez you gotta love that land hey! Flies or no flies, it is just mint!


~ by christianfletcher on December 21, 2009.

17 Responses to “5D2 goes for a swim”

  1. yep….definitely looking a lot like a seal there…and those sharks just LOVE seals 🙂

  2. Where’d the hair go!?

  3. That’s not you , that’s Mike. He’s the water baby not you.

    So how did the tests go , I mean the camera not your testies!!!

  4. hair went in the bin Stakky, it filled the bin actually. We were going to make a stuffed toy out of it but was to old and grey.

    Camera went well Merv, operator went really badly! forgot how to use the camera when it was enclosed in the housing. Most shots exposed badly and focused badly, overall it was BAD. But never say die we will give it another go next weekend.

  5. All the best for Xmas & New Year Christian aka “Sharkbait” 🙂


  6. would love to see you in a wettie Merv, would be a good laugh hehe, bring it down south we will throw you in the deep end!

    Tim I don’t like looking into the dark deep depths of the ocean, sharks are my biggest concern, Mark loves em and wants to see them, Then he is part fish so it is natural for him. Have a great xmas too buddy.

  7. Hey CF I wanted to call in to say gday on my quick weekend down that way (flew back for 20 year school reunion eek) but run out of time.What sort of housing do you have? Where did you get it? and are you happy with it? Being a water baby I’ll ceratinly get one with a 5d2.The flies were um a SHOCK! But so was the water temp!
    Cheers Jules

  8. Thought you would have an electric boomerang, propeller boots and oxy-gum Marine Boy! Should be able to get nice photos of that mermaid with the pearl necklace now – if you don’t get eaten first of course.

  9. Looks like fun. I’ve always wanted a water housing, just can’t afford one!

  10. Hey CF, there seems to be more air bubbles coming from you rear end rather than the snorkel!!! Trying to get some jet action going were you??
    Don’t worry aboat the noah you can see, it’s the one you can’t see that’s the problem!!

  11. Jules I can’t remember the name of it. Michael got it from the boys at PRA. It is good to 10 metres and is army green that is all I can tell you.

    I forgot the oxy-gum mate, but I did see the mermaid, actually it was Mark in his slugos so not quite the same.

    Neither can I, thats why I let Michael pay for it!!!

    There was a bit of jet propulsion going on Jamie, I don’t like being far from the shore.

  12. Jules,
    the housings are from Aquatech. PRA is the wa dealer of them. Check out thier site http://www.aquatech.net. They’re the choice of my surf sport photogs world wide.

  13. Looking good mate! That is about as comfortable as you looked through the entire time! We will have to work on your underwater skills me thinks!

    Merv, that 5m housing is a bit short on the depth range I reckon mate!

  14. Merv, I am only just getting warmed up at 5m! Used to be able to get to 90ft, but these days 60-70 will stop me!

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