Early Xmas Present from Nikon

I have been lucky enough to be given a D3s and the new 70-200mm f/2.8 to play with over the christmas break by Nikon. I want to thank Julie for sending this gear over and trusting me to look after it. In fact it hasn’t left my side since getting it a couple of days ago. This camera continues to impress me and the lens is superb. The auto focus is brilliant and you just know every shot is going to be pin sharp. I could see this outfit being the ultimate wedding portrait tool, not to mention a cracker for landscapers that are into stitching. I did a landscape yesterday that I will post asap. Yesterday I wanted to get the d3s into the studio for a test under lighting and the results are shown below. Had it on infra red mode to capture this native of Pandora lurking in the back of the studio. Ok, I saw Avatar this week and was almost as blown away by the movie as by this new Nikon outfit. Hell I love em both!

how’s the sharpness of this, and I actually ran a gaussian blur over the image to soften the skin a tad. Pretty cool.


~ by christianfletcher on December 27, 2009.

14 Responses to “Early Xmas Present from Nikon”

  1. Very very very nice mate….. im very keen on getting a review of this lens…. if u have time ?? haha

  2. Hope I don’t offend anyone but that’s freaky , bordering on scary regardless of what camera it is !!

  3. mmm, the D3s does sound rather good… if only I could win lotto 🙂 Good job on the Avatar look a like. The movie is awesome, the best movie I have seen all year! Looking forward to your landscape shot with the D3s. If money and existing gear wasn’t a factor, do you think you would choose the D3s? If so, what do you think are its best 3 features?

  4. real sharp, I hope that lady didn’t mind being turned into a native pandorian!

  5. Clint the lens is simply awesome. I did some tests with the landscape image I shot to see what aperture is the sharpest between f5.6, f8, and f11. F5.6 came out on top. Now it wasn’t a very scientific test but it was good to see the difference in sharpness. Can’t remember the focal length, typical of me. Will check the meta data.

    Merv that is my wife and you described her perfectly, hehe. Hi honey!!! Didn’t tell her this was going on the blog. She actually is very pretty and not scary, well maybe just a little.

    Graham I would definitely buy this gear if I had heaps of dough. Best thing I have found is quality of lenses, brilliant auto focus and that iso.
    Everything is solid, easy to use and looks killer to boot

  6. Yep I thought it was your wife that’s why i was treading lightly !!!

  7. Does she have a sister?!?

  8. Crossing over to the dark side now CF 🙂

  9. Are you using the VRII 70-200 or the original?

  10. That combo seems to pick up every little detail, it looks quite impresive, cant wait to see the landscape you shot with it.

  11. Nice and creative mate!



  12. Im going to have nightmares!

  13. Pleased to see you are using Nikon (if only for awhile). I have always used Nikon though I did get the EOS 5mkII for video but now thats gone and upgraded the D3 to the D3s. I like the color and sharpness of the Nikon.

  14. lol nice work
    Saw this movie in 3D was pretty amazing

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