Landscape shot with the Nikon D3s

This was shot with the Nikon D3s and the new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
It wasn’t the best sunset but good enough to give this lens a go. The stats are;-

10 shots stitched, 1600 iso, f5.6, 1/200 sec at 78mm focal length.

Pretty happy with the results, will try and print it up this week to check the sharpness. I have shot another 24 image stitch that should throw up some amazing detail will work that up next.


~ by christianfletcher on December 28, 2009.

21 Responses to “Landscape shot with the Nikon D3s”

  1. Hey C.
    Were you specifically out to test the high ISO capabilities of the camera? Just curious why you didn’t slow the shutter down from 1/200 and reduce the ISO.

    If you were out to really try the high ISO capabilities, then ignore this question.


  2. Detail looks good as this res.

    That’s your first landscape for ages , thought you’d lost the power !!!

  3. I’m loving all this Nikon action!!

  4. Looks pretty bloody good to me. I was also wondering the same as Brent.

  5. hey there’s that rock i took that picture from

  6. Very nice as usual Christian. Viva La Nikon!

    Cheers mate.


  7. Mate looks great. Love the color in the sky in this one. I guess your the only one that can tell the quality between these cameras with the master files in front of you.

  8. Looks pretty good to me as well , nice detail looks like some nice light as well

  9. I was standing at the same spot last night. 🙂

  10. Looks great CF and over looking one of my fav surf spots sigh..Looks pretty specky at 1600 and in regards to questions above ..was it faster shutter due to stitching? (thro my two bobs worth in) 🙂

  11. Did you have to do any lens correction on the 70-200?
    Stitching with my 70-200 2.8 has a large vignette and I had to do heaps of lens correction.
    Not a bad result for 1600ISO, washes out a bit through the haze on the left, nice contrast on the right.

  12. Looks good mate

  13. hi Brent, I wanted a faster shutter speed due to the longer focal length, didn’t want any shake creeping in the shot. Also it was also to see how the iso handled landscapes. All indications are pretty bloody good.

    Never l;oose the power Merv.

    Matt the masters look pretty good.

    Jules I want pin sharp images and with zooms sometimes it is easy to get camera shake which is no fun and can ruin a stitch.

    Thomas I think there was some vignetting control on low.

  14. Good stuff Christian, the D3s and the new 70-200 is a great combo. Thanks for teasing us Nikon shooters 😉

  15. Hi Christian, for pin sharp shots with Nikon I always use mirror up option as I am sure there is shake on not doing it. I have had the problem with the D2X and now the D3. Always use manual everything. I wont get into the Nikon versus Canon argument but what took you so long?

  16. Andre, I have been getting teased myself. I was speaking to a prominent Australian Pro shooter today who said in his expert opinion Nikon have the edge on Canon at the moment. I am beginning to agree. Will I defect, hmmm, this year will be the decider. They already have some big name photographers on their list of shooters, no landscape guys yet but maybe that is about to change!!!

    Michael, I started with a Nikon 20 years ago, was still using it till 3 years ago and now I might have seen the light. Waiting to hear what Michael finds out as he has the new 1D mark IV in Sydney right now as I type. Poor bugger is spending New Years on True North!

  17. Like the new header mate!

  18. Christian, with the Nikon D3 you certainly will see the light. A friend uses the 5D2 and says he loves it low light capability but I do not think it compares with the D3 and I assume the D3s. However the lenses are what make the package complete as I continually read that Nikon’s are far superior to Canon’s.

    Happy new year to you and your family.

  19. i have a photo from this exact spot too! lol

  20. Yeah, I’m with Mark, new header looks great!

  21. Happy New Year to all! Nice capture CF! You must be feeling pretty special at the moment after holding a Nikon 🙂 I was going to try and get down on the 16th but the Wildcats have a home game …. damn it! I will keep an eye out for the next one maybe a midday on a Sunday course if you do one (hint hint).

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