Video Footage from 1D Mark IV

Here is the first snippet of footage from the brand new canon 1D mark IV. Michael didn’t get the best light, we have all experienced that problem before! The footage of the fireworks is exceptional. Looks pretty good in low light, would like to see some stills from this puppy. Will get some on Saturday night at the Trigger movie shoot.


~ by christianfletcher on January 5, 2010.

18 Responses to “Video Footage from 1D Mark IV”

  1. Great footage, he’s brilliant. I reckon you should line up the 1D mark 4 with that Nikon D3s and so what happens. would be interesting.

  2. Another stunning Vid from Mike …. As Dan said would be interesting to see the new Mrk IV with the Gen II 70-200 lens due in April 2010 as a side by side Nikon at iso 50 through 200 … seeing as thought thats all I ever shoot at 🙂

  3. Damn thats sensational… out of curiosity, where were the other locations before the zoo and shots of Sydney?

  4. What are you talking about he didn’t get good light. That’s the best light we have had over here in weeks. 🙂 you guys must be spoilt over there in WA. Another nice job Mike. For me no matter what the outcome of the Nikon v’s Canon test each body is in the 10 grand range and out of my price range.

  5. Neal I understand exactly what you are saying, we are running a portrait test on about 6 cameras this week. which could answer some of your question. Results should be ready by the end of the month.

  6. Mike I love the footage, cant wait to see the full res file on a HD screen. Can Team Digital get a copy to run in the showroom for people to see what it looks like on the big screen.
    Love your work

  7. great video, love the depth of field on the Giraffe shot and the slow motion stuff. It must be hard to visualise the cropped HD format whilst shooting.

  8. […] Click here to view footage We also have had the Mark IV at the Hopman Cup and that report and images will be posted next week. […]

  9. Cool Vid, liked the tilt/shift shots, and good music as usual!

  10. Fireworks sure look better on the water than where i was behind some bushes on a Canon 7D.

    What ISO were you on with the 1D?

  11. Nice vid. Makes me want to jump on a plane and head over myself! Is it just me or is it not as sharp or clear as previous vids from the 5d mkII? Seems like a lot of extra money if it isnt???

  12. Nice work Mike…once again!

    It seems you have wowed the troops again eh!



  13. As usual another great video, i was also wondering what iso the fireworks was shot at. I also liked the shot with the out of focus fireworks, that was pretty cool.

  14. Cheers Guys. Once again I was pretty wrecked after another few days on True North. I was a little flat on inspiration on this one and it was hard work getting the shots and fitting in with True North’s busy schedule. I didn’t get one sunrise the whole trip. It was totally clouded over every morning. Sorry Matt, the light was pretty good but not if your trying to sell cabins on a cruise boat. The fireworks where shot at 400 ISO i think?

    I stirred up a bit of a hornets nest on one of my comments on Vimeo. Have a look and tell me if I’m out of line.

    Cheers Everyone.


    • Mike reads fine to me. Your just saying how it is and without the influence of being backed by brands your comments and thought are even more authentic than someone who is sponsored by the brand and who is giving a review and stop calling yourself a Hack. Your far from it. Cheers

  15. I don’t see how telling it how you saw it while using the camera is out of line, its not gonna be that much better then the 5d mkII

  16. Excellent work with a fantastic result cant wait to get my hands on one!

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