Gold at APPA Awards

This is the image I got a gold award for at the 2009 appa’s. I think someone asked the question and I forgot to answer. Still one of my fav pics.



~ by christianfletcher on January 6, 2010.

14 Responses to “Gold at APPA Awards”

  1. Nice…. the 400mm shot from the comfort of your drivers seat. Mate you would be the only person I know that has a gold. Well done. You wouldn’t believe but I finally submitted my papers for AIPP and I think as of today I am a member. Yay.

  2. Well done Matty, it has been a couple of years in the making hey!!! It is worthwhile to be judged by your peers. I think golds will be coming your way too

  3. Yea mate it has.. I piss farted around for a while but finally got them in. Now just got to get an iphone and start shooting some of those gold award worthy images.

  4. The lambs strike back…again! I forgot about this imagen nice one.

  5. The lambs strike back…again! I forgot about this image nice one.

  6. I’ve got this photo proudly hanging on my wall.

  7. well done mate! they certainly like the darker stuff at APPA!

  8. It’s well worth the trip to a gallery to see this image full size. It’s really a beautiful image – something almost biblical about it. It’s amazing how you can get the little suckers to stand exactly where you want them if you put them in the fridge for a few hours before – must try that with my 4yo. 🙂

  9. I really love this image too CF well done! I am still to get my act together to become a full AIPP member also Matt, so I hear ya -it must be a great feeling to get it done.Maybe 2010 for me also.

  10. yeah cool image and deserving of the award there.
    look out for Merv’s comments about it though 😛

  11. Muzz you crack me up!!! I like this pic too by the way CF!!!

  12. Didn’t you originally title this pic ‘Silence of the lambs’ or something when you first posted it?
    Deserving shot mate!

  13. Mmmmm, can now rename the shot ‘Golden Fleece’….congrats mate, well deserved

  14. Perfect. Not too dark. Well done.

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