New secret gallery Location



~ by christianfletcher on January 6, 2010.

21 Responses to “New secret gallery Location”

  1. Man!

    That looks like one fine space!!! Need to get me one a them!!! : )

    Very nice…

  2. Mmmm…. I recon you would kill it in Perth mate. Best of luck with the new one. Just apply that special Fletcher Gallery recipe.

  3. Top secret stuff, the details to be announced soon, unless of course Muzz spills the beans. He tracked me down there yesterday. Still I managed to fool him into thinking I was Michael. Wasn’t hard. I just looked at him.

  4. looks like it will be a sweet space CF. Cant wait to see it decked out with your fine images.

  5. Awesome new gallery coming … Secret location revealed, 5th Ave New York. Next door to Likky’s, you’d blow him off the island …

  6. All those weeks of going through your rubbish at night have paid off. No bean-spilling here though – my agreement with “A Current Affair” won’t let me (yet)! Can’t blame me for thinking you were Mike – when I saw the man-in-a-white-van I just assumed it would be the dodgy brother …

    Good to see you guys at work with your tools in your hands too, only wish I had taken a photo. I’m looking forward to doing your security at the grand opening.

  7. Mate if its half as nice as your other ones it will be amazing!

  8. Nice one, Hopefully this one is closer to home can check it out more often.

  9. Cant wait to see it finished!

  10. mmm nice CF, King street needs a new gallery

  11. Nice job CF, i love the dot painting effect on the walls, bring in a little bit of local culture, although usually they are a bit tighter and quite small, but maybe your going for modern abstract version of the locals work. 😉

  12. It looks a lot like the new Smart Street Mall, Mandurah Gallery – before it was finished??
    The new Mandurah galeery looks great now that it’s up and running. I was there on Tuesday. Hopefully there’ll be more traffic/business through the mall for you than at the bottom end of Mandurah Terrace. It’s a shame they reversed the traffic down that end. I thought it work better before the reversal.
    Good luck and best best with the new gallery.

  13. opps…..and best wishes with the new gallery.

  14. oops….and best wishes with the new gallery.

  15. Can’t wait to check it out Christian.

  16. (said in a thick Russian accent) “Oooh Christian I LOVE your paint work! It is SOOO sexy. I can see you in your white overalls holding a big stiff paintbrush…can’t wait for that one!”

  17. Looks pretty much like the building I work in, thanks for the reminder! Look forward to visiting new gallery. What?? The Mandurah Gallery, has that moved, the old spot rocked, but times are a changin’ I suppose?

  18. So where is it?

  19. Was in there last week having a look , very nice Christian.

  20. where? when? why?? so many questions so little answers

  21. It will be somewhere in Perth. Didn’t realise photography was getting all “top secret” ha ha

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