Low Key Nikon D3s

This is another pic from the night on the set of Trigger. The Nikon D3s made it easy handholding everything shot that night apart from the light painting we did. This scene struck me and the rim light on the boy makes for a dark disturbing image. There is a lot of sadness in this image. There was a lot of pressure on this kid on the night with 200 people looking at him perform, not to mention at least 5 cameras pointed at him all night. He couldn’t play the piano at all but they had a stunt kid there to film the proper playing part. Stunt hands I guess you could say. He was pretty amazing too and probably only about 11.


~ by christianfletcher on January 12, 2010.

13 Responses to “Low Key Nikon D3s”

  1. that is a very cool scene, that lighting is wickid.

  2. Moody and spooky. Really cool series of shots you’re getting.

  3. thanks fellas

  4. This is one serious image. If only you and the D3s where around when I spent 8hrs a day practicing in a low light practice room at WAAPA.
    28 yrs of music practice actually looks like this after a while đŸ˜‰

  5. Switching over to Nikon mate?

  6. Pretty cool for a hand held image mate!

  7. Very nice mate. Viva La Nikon!!!



  8. love what ya done with the light mate nice i cant wait to get my hands on one to give it a try and see what its like


  9. I think I would have to agree with you now about stepping over to the darkside when you shoot with nikon CF, You are sure proving the point with these latest shots.
    Why was the movie called Trigger ? was there a horse involved ? geez that comment probably makes me sound really old, but I’m not really.

  10. Hi Christian,

    That really is some beautiful and amazing light. Its quite moving really.



  11. very cool pic i reckon!
    your gettin some pretty neat stuff on these shoots mate!

  12. Great light, great composition, I really like this shot.


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