True North Australia Day Itinerary

Hi to those lucky enough to get on True North for the Rottnest Island sojourn. Attached is the itinerary for the day courtesy of Mark Stothard and True North.

I will also be giving away 8 TNFP shirts, so if I like you and your lucky you will have something to brag about!

Click the link below to open the itinerary document
True North Australia Day itinerary


~ by christianfletcher on January 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “True North Australia Day Itinerary”

  1. Thanks for putting that up Christian!!



  2. Fantastic, sounds like a good day, can’t wait.

  3. Excellent cant wait, it will be a great day, hope im lucky enough to get a shirt haha. I just dont have the charm that stakky has, mind you, you did give him one the reject inverse shirts. Everyone knows you cant pull the chicks with and inverse coloured iTNFP shirt. enough bout that, looking forward to the trip as im sure 100 other people are.
    catch ya then

  4. I think the T-shirts should go to the first 8 comment-makers or the most distraught Canon owner (given all the “I Love Nikon’ postings lately). I spent $6,000 on lenses this year and thought all i needed to do was up-grade my canon 50D to a 5D Mk II or a 1D Mk IV and i would be the next Christian Fletcheress. 😦

  5. Can’t wait Christian and Mark. Nice work lads.

  6. Thanks CF for the post, got a phone call from Mark today, very well organized for sure!



    (I owe you that beer dont let me forget! Have one on the TN)

  7. See you there mate!

  8. no wukkers Markie

    True Dan. Stakky has no chance with a reject shirt!

    Brenda, sorry to say you might have to have both outfits from Canon and Nikon. Oh well it’s only money and it’s great fun to spend.

    hmm beer, you spoke my language David , i’ll have a redback!

    Your on Dave, are you bringing the big lens?? Might be some birds on the beach.

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