Bunker Bay workshop

Well the Bunker Bay workshop went of really well last weekend with all of us having such a great time. The people who came along to learn some new tricks with the camera and computer were very kind to us and when ever it got too technical I handed over to the only guy I know who almost knows as much as the great Les Walkling, Rainsy !! Nick blew all our minds with his knowledge on Lightroom and the intricacies of colour management. I followed with my signature Luminosity Masks and got labelled the short cut king by Nick. We worked really well together I think and complimented each others workflow and style.

The students were fantastic and a great bunch of people to get to know. Remember if your still having some issues let Nick and I know and we will help you out. Due to the success of this workshop we will be running more together in the coming year so keep an eye on the blog. If you want to get on my mailing list let me know, this workshop filled up fast and we expect it will do so again for the next one.

Thanks to Denis for supplying the photos for this blog post, really appreciate you sending to me.


p.s. the top photo I was telling Nick who was looking a lot like Eminem that you only get ONE SHOT and the bottom pic Nick was demonstrating how big the files from the P65 really are!! Then they all got me painting trees for about an hour, that was fun!


~ by christianfletcher on February 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “Bunker Bay workshop”

  1. Looks like you have some fun mate…as always! πŸ™‚

  2. It was an amazing experience for me being the 1st CF/NR workshop. Catered for novices (me) as well as advanced users. I was humbled by the knowledge of many of the participants then fell into despair at the talent, knowledge, experience of CF & NR. I came away from that workshop knowing much more but now, have to pratice, practice, practice and attend more of these great workshops. The 1st time being at Bunker Bay, the scenery and beauty of that place is just hard to describe. I did not want to leave.

    Thankyou both for being candid and sharing your ‘secrets’ & tips. You guys make a great team and added to the diversity and fun of the workshop. My wife asked me to start using my left hand (CF) to try and get some of that creative side moving πŸ™‚

    Denis Hogan

  3. Wow, what a weekend! I’ve come away inspired, excited and in awe of the talent of Nick and Christian. My initial concerns of being a novice in an the presence of professionals, quickly evaporated as CF& NR shared their wealth of experience in such a way that even I understood! Key things I learnt were –
    – there are two ‘4.45’s in a day – apparently one of them is in the morning…:)
    – always always expose to the right (thanks Nick)
    – luminosity masks rule (thanks Christian)
    – mosquitos are evil
    – there is a button in photoshop called the ‘thingo’ button which can give an amazing result
    – and practice practice practice.
    Thanks for a fabulous weekend.

  4. Sorry I missed this one, but it kinda slipped by. Next!

  5. Thanks Nikki and Denis for the kind words, Nick and I are both so glad you got something from the weekend. We are already working on the next workshop as we felt we worked pretty well together. Simon we will keep you informed.


  6. Nikki, I have a special photographer’s watch that has really low numbers on it. Most normal watches start at about 6 but mine goes down to 3. I can do you a good price on one – just email me… πŸ˜‰

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Send me a photo for the magazine.

    And that shot of me on the beach was actually me describing the size of the fish I caught last time I was in the Kimberley on the True North!

  7. WAY COOL!!!!!!
    i have met my hero at last. And how exciting – he comes with a twin. Christian and Nick you two are just amazing. I was excited and yet a bit in awe to be finally meeting two such accomplished and amazing photographers. But the reality is two very friendly and down to earth guys who are only too happy to share their wonderful talent. I learnt so much from this weekend and it will take me months to put it into practice.

    I have never experienced Photoshop and Lightroom explained in such an easy to understand way. I thought I knew a fair bit about software but boy did I learn some great things and I will be spending a lot of time putting it all into practice.

    Did I just say spending time????? Be warned if you attend one of these workshops you will be spending more than time. The weekend was so chock full of information and tips that my brain was melted. Since then I have severely melted my credit card. I was only going to get a couple of items but what the heck. So Christian, I think it only fair that you melt your credit Card and get the Phase One camera. It’s only money!!!!!!!!

    And now I have the “toys” that you guys have it must mean I can shoot like you as well. Dream on.

    Thanks and can’t wait until I get to attend another workshop- when I have paid back Mr Mastercard.

  8. Rated individually both Nick Rains and Christian Fletcher are easily placed amongst the top six landscape photographers worldwide with immensely successful careers, exquisite galleries and a magical ability to pre-visualise and turn the most ordinary of scenes into beautiful works of photographic art.

    Now working together as a team enlightening, enthusing and empowering the next generation of photographers these two guys offer what is arguably the most comprehensive and valuable of learning experiences currently available worldwide.

    From capture to process to print these two good-humoured wizards have undoubtedly now influenced my career and enabled me to take my own photography to a higher level that I’d long aspired towards but struggled to attain.

    Thanks Guys!

    South Africa

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