Brendon and the Mighty Gitzo

Brendanos at PRA managed to get me a deal with Gitzo to represent the best tripod maker in the world!! I can now throw out the old Manfrotto that has done me well for the past 5 or more years and be flashy like all the others, Markie, Jamie, Rainsy, Davey B the list is endless. I want to thank Brendon and Gitzo for putting this together for me. Now I promise not to leave it at home this time, I am heading to the Pilbara on Sunday morning. More about that later. Brendan has a full range of Gitzos at PRA so go and get yourself one, in the end it is a pretty important piece of kit, a wonky tripod will give you a wonky photo.


~ by christianfletcher on February 5, 2010.

19 Responses to “Brendon and the Mighty Gitzo”

  1. What model do you have Christian, and most importantly what head are you using with it?

  2. I have no idea, will pick it up tomorrow and will keep you informed.

  3. Good marketing Christian. Just today I was telling myself that I could put up with my old (very old) wonky (yes wonky) tripod for a bit longer. Now you have me thinking…

  4. Looks good CF, my manfrotto with 3 way head is passed its used by date so any model number and head as mentioned before would be great. Could you also ask Mike if he got the email regarding music from Ben Collins for his next video release, regards Adrian
    Enjoy the Pilbara, Im in mandurah this weekend might meet up with Muzz and scope out the new gallery hehe

  5. Hey Ad’s yep got the email thanks. Looking forward to some music collaboration with you guys over the next few projects.


  6. Hey Christian

    I’m also interested in what head you put on that fine looking pair of legs.

    Last time I went shooting with you, you had some piece of shit that looked like it came in on Noah’s ark.

    Go the Really Right Stuff head (BH-55) with one of their gorgeous L-plates… you won’t regret it.


    • I’ve only been looking at RRS gear this weekafter NIkc Rains showed me his L-plate last weekend. So you’re happy with the BH-55?

      • Jamie i bought a Manfrotto L bracket a couple of weeks ago not sure of the RRS price but this one was just over $100 so might be worth a look. It has a extra fitting screw that you could fix something else to if you want to.

        I find that the tripod is not very stable when using the bracket with a bigger lens on it as the weight is all out the front and not centred, my jury is still out on this one.

        I will post a pic of my setup one day, i think you’ll find it interesting.

      • I actually like the look of the RRS L-plates and ball heads, as you can access all ports and battery chamber with the RRS l-plate on, and obviously quick change from portrait to landscape. I’m using a 360 Precision pano head at the moment, so would like to see the difference, if any in the quality of stitching using an l-plate to a pano head.
        Nick Rains made a good comment, that the cork, or foam on a tripod head plate actually promotes movement. And RRS make lens feet replacemnts that hook straight into their heads, so you don’t have to worry about changing plates from camera to long lens.
        I’ve got a good set of legs on me Merv, just need a good head!! Funny, missus says that to me all the time!!

  7. I got myself a new Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and the 808CR4 head. My other 055XPROB tripod is dead, got a good 10 years out of it. I’d go a three way handle head over a ball head any day for stitching panoramics. Not sure Really Right Stuff does a three handle head. Looks like all ball heads.

    • i use a manfrotto ball head and love it compared to the 3 handle heads ive used…. guess its personl taste…. i dunno… i just find ball heads so quick and easy to level for panos! 🙂

      • I’ve just committed to the Really Right Stuff head and attachment system, it looks pretty good to me, just waiting impatiently for it to arrive now!! I’ll let you al know how it goes once I’ve got it in my dirty little hands!!

  8. Looks very nice fletch! I still love my mag fiber manfrotto! but having said that…. i still feel this is the best way to fine tune your images!

  9. I love me Carbon Gitzo! agree with Brent on the BH-55 very quality ballhead hardly clean mine at all and its still as smooth as ever.

  10. Another vote for RRS BH-55 and L-Plate. Sure they are not cheap, but solid as anything. With the L-Plate, vertical panos are easy, use it all the time. Get someone to share the shipping with you, the wallet then doesn’t complain as much. Just make sure you stay under the $1000 AUD so you don’t get socked with GST.

    If you want something light weight, the Acratech ball-heads are also great.

  11. Hey CF you are turning into a flash git – soon you’ll be wearing shirts with collars on them.

  12. eyyy Cf long time no comment! good tripod these, slowly overtaking the manfrotto 055x and 190xpro. Hey did you get your mac pro built with team digital by any chance?? oh and for those who havent seen true magic yet, head over to and check out that ipad!! digital portfolio perfection!!!

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