Shooting The Pilbara

Hi all, sorry for no posts but I have been in and around Port Hedland shooting with Tony Hewitt, Les Walkling, Peter Eastway and my bro.
We are having a brilliant time and getting some pretty nice light. I must say it is pretty interesting shooting with these blokes and seeing how they work. We have one Hasselblad H3d being used by Les, a Phase one and Alpa combo being used by Pete, Tony and I are shooting Nikon D3x’s (thanks Julie from Nikon for the gear) and of course some Canon gear being used to film everything.

We have been to Karratha and the Dampier Archipelago, had Heli flights, Light plane flights, boat trips and tours to the big BHP plant in PH. Some great material and to see Les get all frothed up is just brilliant. The guy is a legend and I was hoping he enjoyed what we have been shooting.

One thing I find shooting with such notable photographers as we have here is I always am wondering what they are shooting and should I be checking it out too. It can be a little intimidating. We have also had some of the previous photography students joining us which has been great fun. Simon, Nicole, Faye and Judith, remember those names they are the next big thing! Well in Port Hedland anyway, Pete is still the next big thing, he is just taking his time getting there.

Off to Marble Bar in half an hour. We are expecting thunderstorms and about 42 degrees. We are pretty excited. There is so much to photograph out here you just need the good light and a fresh pair of eyes.

Here is a couple of pics of the boys in action.


~ by christianfletcher on February 10, 2010.

14 Responses to “Shooting The Pilbara”

  1. Nice to hear from you Buddy!

    You have some loyal fans who have been looking fwd to seeing something new from you!

    Give my regards to Les.



  2. Hey CF, interesting how you’re using the Nikon….do we smell a rat?? Put a 50mm Zeiss on the front of that D3x, you’ll love it!!
    Have fun.

  3. looks like you guys are havin a great time!
    expecting to see some fresh new images soon! 🙂

  4. Sounds like an epic trip.
    Peter E looks like the messiah aster a really full on haircut!

  5. Ok CF so you’re a Nikon guy now – did they make you change your name to Michi ISHIJIMA? 🙂 (EXIF)????

  6. Les must be on a body building program lugging that survey tripod around.

    Marble Bar is a treasure trove of an area, get out to the Congan River.

  7. Muzz is always the sharp one 😉

    You’re covering a lot of ground, hope you have some good A/C, 42C!!

  8. Yes good to hear from you CF! Great spots, grab a burger at the Roadhouse in Marble Bar, they are the best!

    Hope there is an old crusty dude sitting out side the Iron Clad smoking a ciggy for you too!

    Cheers mate


  9. Great stuff Fletch, awesome to hear you get intimidated just like us mere mortals too. lol. One thing for sure is sounds very exciting and gives us all something to aspire too in a road trip here or there. Good on ya champ. Keep inspiring us!!! Oh, I must only be a couple of days of having some form of blog, so I can join the rest of the gang!!. Looking forward to that.

  10. Just read Ken Duncans latest “Adventure Stories” for Feb, no doubt we’ll be hearing stories about you jumping of 10m waterfalls soon too 🙂

    If you haven’t seen it go check it out at:

    If he can do it at his age then I’m sure you guys can too 😉

  11. Hey Christian, sounds like a great time up there, I wouldnt mind a trip up there at some point, so many great places to shoot. Look forward to seeing what you come back with.

  12. Peter looks like something out of Moses and the Ten Commandments “I said let there be good golden light with dramatic clouds”

    I’m getting very itchy feet for Karijin!!!!!


  13. Haha nice pictures, giving photography some serious style!

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