Storm over the Pilbara

This was an amazing storm we witnessed. I have never seen so many photographers fully amped over a shoot as this, it was like a date with Jennifer Hawkins, only much better. Pete Eastway was shooting with the Phase One, Les Walkling the Hasselblad. I was on the trusty Nikon D3x as was Tony Hewitt. Michael has a video of this storm and it will be shown when he gets the video finished.

I handheld the Nikon with the 14-24, stitched three pics together and this is the result.

Peter Eastway has this same scene on his Better Photography blog, check it out.


~ by christianfletcher on February 13, 2010.

26 Responses to “Storm over the Pilbara”

  1. I so hope we get some of this up at Karijini in April. Great landscape photo, very swish Mr Fetcher, very swish.

  2. Wow awesome shot man! shame with all those MP Mr Eastway only gives us about 400pixel preview :P!!!

  3. Hey Cf, awesome image and simply stunning, thanks mother nature
    Cheers Adrian

  4. niiiice!!!!

  5. Awesome image CF. Looks menacing!

  6. Awesome Christian! I’m on my way to B&H in NYC to upgrade my tripod setup. Can I ask what Gitzo tripod you would go for with the RRS BH-40 ballhead and L-plate?


  7. Stunning stuff Fletch… Stunning.

  8. Nice one CF, was that fire started by the lightning?

  9. Right spot at the right time with this pic, looks wicked.

  10. Yep !!!!

    That fire on the right is interesting.

  11. holy f*ck mate… I love it ! !

  12. very cool! those weather systems need to come to perth!

  13. i like yours better no disrespect to peter his is still an awesome shot i like your composition better


  14. Great shot Christian, love the fact that you have that person in there, really gives a sense of scale. Is it Peter? Looks like he is still wearing those red shorts 🙂

  15. Fantastic CF. I have only one regret, I have been up there so many time but it was before CF and your spark that ignited my landscape flame and those times were a wasted. Well best get in the millennium Falcon and get back up there!


  16. pretty amazing storm!
    very nice

  17. wow, splendid photo. did you stay for the storm?

  18. Yep, you definitely wooped Peter’s butt with this one mate!

    Nice work and great mood to the image.

    I love the punchy red colours in the foreground!

  19. Great work CF

  20. Beautiful image CF and whats happened to the canon 5d mrk ii? are you a nikon lad now ???

  21. That’s what dreams are made of! Amazing scene.
    Go the D3X ey 🙂

  22. Awesome photo, CF.

  23. You lucky bastard, apart from the heat and cyanide poisoning that is. Awesome image.

  24. wow…yeah, just wow

  25. Must of been wonderful to see let alone capture. Fab.

  26. Hey Christian
    Love this shot, amazing sky. Reminds me of Peter Jarver’s work.

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