HOT Damned HOT!!!

I put the spelling mistake down to cyanide poisoning!!! ok, so no more he can’t spell stuff, a man is not a dictionary you KNOW!!!

The name says it all! We stopped at this scene about 80kms inland from Marble Bar. I took this handheld stitch pretty quickly as at the time I thought I was going to drop dead from Cyanide poisoning. If you get a good dose of that stuff you would be dead in a matter of minutes. I wish I had thought a bit more about entering a mine site without checking it was ok, never again, I can’t handle the stress!! Oh and the heat…. note to self, next assignment to be in a less extreme location!! Poor Pete went from Antarctica to the hottest place in WA.

Shot with the amazing Nikon D3x and 24-70mm lens, love it!


~ by christianfletcher on February 14, 2010.

24 Responses to “HOT Damned HOT!!!”

  1. Poor Pete my arse! Give me a break!!!

  2. Yep , thats the Pilbara.

    Real man’s country. šŸ™‚

  3. oh Tommy, you would melt out here but I would imagine your pricilla act would go down a treat!! heehee

    Real mans country, now you tell me, I was wondering why I felt out of place Merv

  4. Nice Colours!

  5. Mate, that shot looks like it is going to spontaneously combust any minute!

    Cracker colours again!

  6. Great contrast in colours, topped off with some attractive cotton wool clouds !
    looks bloody dry !

  7. Love the colours. Awesome Australiana shot.

  8. I can feel the heat radiating from here!! Nice shot mate.

  9. no man’s land! have fun withstanding the elements man. great shot

  10. after meeting you a few times, and tuning into this blog for quite some time…. I honestly wonder how the hell you’ve managed to get any of these images you have taken over the years! i’m surprised you’ve ever left the house… šŸ˜› lol

    great shot though. imagine the photo’s you’d get if you were tough! haha šŸ™‚

  11. Now your just showing off… almost dying… terrible heat and then handheld stitch and it is a cracker.

  12. Now that is awesome country. Awesome image yet again…..

  13. Feeling hot just looking at it!

  14. Looks Damn hot out there CF christ almighty!! Hope your feeling better buddy!!

  15. What a beautiful country we live in. Waaay too hot for me but great photo!

  16. Nice Nikon work there CF. Come down to Albany, cool running water, green grass, cold beer…..

  17. Middle of know where?

    I don’t know where that is, do you know, no? .. šŸ˜›

    Nice pic CF, you can’t spell and your brother is definitely the good looking one, but at least you can take nice pics.

  18. Hot hot hot

  19. CF, the bill is on the way for burning a hole in my new monitor with this pic.

  20. Very colourful, Sure looks like Know where but how did you know it was the middle ??
    Sorry bad joke, couldn’t help it.

  21. Did you have to resort to drinking your own urine like Bear Grylls?

    Great shot.

  22. great shot love the simplicity and colors

  23. Great place isn’t it!

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