Idiot of the Year

Today is the first day I have started to get my energy back. Hopefully will be even better tomorrow. If I did get Cyanide poisoning this is why. The title says it all, what an idiot. Thanks to legend photographer Tony Hewitt for these pics, he could have been the last person to see me alive.

I just wanted to thank Nikon again for the loan of the D3x, the 24-70mm, the 14-24mm, and the 70-200mm. It was awesome to have this gear to use and as one of the photographers I travelled with said to me, ” the D3x is probably the best dslr in the world right now” You know what, I do believe he is right, and he knows his stuff.

Oh and to the guys at Nikon, you might want to wash your hand before eating your lunch, just in case. I gave it a good wipe over, just don’t go licking it clean. Hey just as well those puppies have cyanide seals on them!!


~ by christianfletcher on February 15, 2010.

20 Responses to “Idiot of the Year”

  1. Plain as day!! CF your lucky to be alive buddy!!

  2. By the way you should be a model CF!! hehehe

  3. …surprised you made it out at all with that great big dust cloud of cyanide surorunding you!

  4. Bloody hell bud! sounds like you got off lucky!! shows you how carefull you have to be in these places, D3x may be the best atm but there has been sightings of a new 1ds at Vancouver Olympics apparently πŸ™‚

  5. Mate what do we call you now iTNFP G I JOE or MacGyver πŸ˜‰

  6. Sounds like a blast… cyanide + heat stroke = certain death! So, no explosives to kick around in the mine site? Good profile picture of you CF, rather manly.. ha ha

  7. Still that is a GREAT portrait! That Tony dude should have a crack at it…………

  8. Easiest way to keep people out is put a sign on an old lid saying Danger Cyanide.then hope most people take some notice. i think you’ll live, you’ll just glow in the dark for a couple of weeks.

    We used to tell people mushrooming on our place that the paddock had been sprayed, We let them pick all the mushrooms then went over to them and told them the story and said that we would take the mushrooms and dispose of them. Saved us a lot of time picking mushrooms.

    Cruel eh. πŸ™‚

  9. Fletch, you are truly a humble guy. Anyone who’ll poke fun at themselves for courting death out of ignorance has no ego problems whatsoever. It is so refreshing to see in someone as obviously talented as you are. Thanks for the uplifting example of honesty, and the precautionary tale of not messing with stuff before checking it out.

  10. Mate with a hat and shirt like that, you’re looking more of a toss pot than Liky!!!

    And I thought I was bad!??!

  11. Not sure about that Tom, at least CF has his ‘guns’ in the holster.

  12. CF, international man of mystery.

  13. Wow, not many people have a portrait of themselves breathing cyanide dust, someone’s definately a bit crasy πŸ˜€

  14. Hey CF don’t sweat it. The reaper came knockin’, you stared him down and laughed in his face as he retreated. Christian Fletcher doesn’t get cyanided – cyanide get’s Christian Fletchered!

  15. Oh it’s tough at the top!! πŸ™‚

  16. damn, now I need to find another 10 grand for a D3. Just spent my life savings on a 5D2!

  17. Cracker photo of the man by the way Tony…the best I have seen yet I reckon!

  18. Great portrait shot by Tony. I believe he does a few weddings… can see why.

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