The Pilbara Project Video Teaser

Well here is the start of Michaels video project from our recent trip to the Pilbara shooting with Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway and Les Walkling. I think it is going to be an amazing doco on what we experienced. Stay tuned for more.

~ by christianfletcher on February 18, 2010.

25 Responses to “The Pilbara Project Video Teaser”

  1. Had me on the edge of my seat. Bit of a teaser though.
    Looking forward to images and videos to come. That storm was impressive.

  2. You guys just have the best jobs!!!! Watch out Christian, Michael’s getting pretty good at this video stuff, he may overtake you on the star status!!!!!

  3. Thats it mate, a teaser, the real thing should take Michael weeks going on his work ethics!!

    Kym, keep that talk up and you will need to find a new job! You know it is still my name on the front of the building, Michael is just a snot nosed upstart!! It was all work BTW, and I went that little bit harder to get the shots, cyanide or not, I’m no pussy!
    Now who’s got my latte??

  4. Freaking awesome trailer!

  5. Real men don’t drink lattes…they drink decaf mochacinos…

    Great video – the sound track is perfect, very ‘large scale’ – all those hours with iTunes have paid off!

  6. Christian, as long as your name is on the sign you will always be the star!!!! (do I get to keep my job now??)

  7. How great is this going to be!!

  8. Now that was awesome… can wait to see the rest. That storm capture was insane.

  9. Excellent video, every one better then the last, I love the pans and selective focusing. Also, is Les using one of those tripods used for surveying?

  10. Beautiful stuff and great work Mike. I love the grading. You are like the moving image version of Christian. That storm looks pretty wild. Getting excited about the upcoming Karijini workshop Chrisitian. Wonder if Mike is coming along. It would be interesting to get his insight about this still/movie convergence and shooting/editing tips.

  11. Great work Mike. Also like the new blog as well to go with it.

  12. awesome vid Mike

  13. Stunning! Love the footage of that storm cell coming in!! Can’t wait to see more.

  14. love the film michael! great stuff! one day you might just get to film my photographic experiences! not this Christian bloke. 😛

  15. Thought it was an advert for hats – did Christian pinch his off Nick Melidonis? Great PP on the video Mike (as usual) – I hope you are planning a DSLR video workshop at some stage. I’m guessing you need some pretty high-end software (FCP plus plugins) but I’d love to know what can be achieved with more basic software (iMovie, FC Express). Looking forward to more.

  16. pretty good isn’t it, even I am excited to see what comes from it. My wife found that hat on the beach on Magnetic Island. So maybe Nick Melidonis lost it. Don’t tell him, I have become attached to it.

  17. Hey Christian.

    Not a week goes past of the last 6 months or so that i dont stop by to check out whats new on your blog. I never bother to write as i somewhat get embarrassed and think this bloke aint gonna care about what Ian.I has to say. Today is a new day and these thoughts were scraped.

    Anyways. The trailer had the hair over my whole body standing on its end. Each scene making me want to be there following the video guy and taking some breathtaking shots. Loved it. Look forward to the sequel 😉

  18. The trailer was awesome. Gorgeous cinematography and grading. Very nice.

    I’m a tad dissapointed that we didn’t see the scene with Christian wallowing about in the cyanide….. that would have been drama.


  19. cheers Ian

    Brent I am disappointed to, Michael missed the action, you know me lying on my hotel bed thinking I was going to die pretty soon. Might have to go and do a re-inactment of the fateful moment.

  20. Just had a look at the Pilbara Project blog – that is an absolutely fantastic project. I actually thought it was just a dramatic name for a road trip and didn’t realise how far it has already come. It could make people want to move there just to be part of it (possible poisoning notwithstanding). It kind of says “lifetime project” – not something that actually ever finishes so I suppose a Peel Project is out of the question?! It would be a great model to adopt on a national basis if you could get enough big guns together. Kudos to all you guys for starting something big.

    PS Peter Eastway shoots Canon??!!

  21. Form have done a great job getting this program up and going for the people of Port Hedland Muzz.

  22. what a fantastic result that is…look forward to seeing the finished product..and the re-enactment of course. Who are you going to get to play you Christian? Brad Pitt?

  23. Brad has already signed up for the role, He said it is going to be hard to play such an ugly guy!

  24. was messing with the d3x all yesterday, it’s an awesome camera!!

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