Help save the Kimberley

Hi everyone

I’m not one to ask for money, in fact I never do. This time I think it is worth it. One of our last wilderness areas is under threat and we need to raise awareness and get the message out there to the public. The Gas plant proposed at James Price Point does not need to go there. There are alternatives. I don’t want to stop Woodside getting the gas. I want to stop Woodside and the government affecting a wilderness so pristine it belies belief. If you could make a donation however small that would be a step towards protecting the Kimberley for our kids. It is up to us now to fix what is wrong with the way we do business. Don’t allow our planet to become one huge industrial wasteland. We should be thinking smarter and being more aware of our actions that will affect future generations.

I love the Kimberley and have photographed it over the past two decades. It is special because it is remote, it is pristine and it is one of our last great treasures. I want to keep photographing it the way it is now. Think the Pilbara and fast forward 50 years, will the Kimberley suffer the same fate. I hope not.

If you feel you can make a donation go to

It would be unbelievable if by sheer weight of numbers we could divert this unnecessary action by a small few with dollar signs in their eyes and hearts.


Christian Fletcher Photo Images



~ by christianfletcher on July 18, 2011.

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