Boy Band

Whilst we were in Port Hedland the other three photographers were working on their new hit single “Lovin Port Hedland” You should have heard it. Would make a grown man weep! Luckily I had blocked tear ducts and could only manage the face contortions!! These guys rock. Fan mail can be uploaded to this blog, I am their manager. Next port of call, the Karratha RSL.


~ by christianfletcher on September 5, 2008.

9 Responses to “Boy Band”

  1. Come back Fletch! We need our lead singer. Now we have parted ways you have gone to the media disrupting our huge surprise global lauch. Our people will be in contact with your people!

  2. You obviously have way too much spare time on your hands Christian, get away from Photoshop and go organise an outdoor workshop for us all to go on.

    Talking of workshops I think you should consider doing one on “How to make money as a Landscape Photographer”.

  3. Dave, I am busy busy but can’t resist mucking around. As for how to make money out of Landscapes, I wish I was at the moment. We have had two businesses in our complex here in Dunsborough shut up shop in the past 2 weeks. It is getting a little scary. That workshop may happen sooner than you think. Cheers

  4. Don’t tell me Meal Up has folded

  5. So when does your new Cairns Gallery open 😉

  6. no not Meal up luckily, I would have to cook! No it was an interior design/ homewears shop and a property rental business.
    I will be heading to Cairns very soon to take up the lease 🙂

  7. As long as Adrians is still going strong as well…..

  8. maybe I should change property titles in Cairns so you can pay me 🙂

  9. sorry Dave, forgot about the global launch of “Flick Flickr”

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