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BTW the header image is one of Mervs, put it on because he wanted to see something new. All praise or negative comments must go to him. See you all soon.


~ by christianfletcher on June 28, 2008.

10 Responses to “Header Image”

  1. Well merv, lurve the pic!!! Nice big paddock you can go round and round and round in!!!! Where was this shot taken??

  2. Donelle it was taken at Southern Cross. Christian in his wisdom has cropped quite a bit off it.
    I have no idea why he put this on, but I can take all the praise you can dish out. I can take the knocks as well, “if ya give ya gotta take it”.

    Fletch ,I hope there’s a royalty cheque in the mail.

  3. Looks great Merv… so when are we going to see your blog and more cool images like this.

  4. I’m thinking about it Matt, but not sure that I’m ready to “Come out” yet.
    I don’t live by the water so there would be a lot of tractors,cows , sheep and hay bales in my stuff.
    “You seen one sheep you’ve seen em all”

  5. I like it Merv its different from all the other watery shots ,
    Been mean to try and get some paddock and crop shots for a change

  6. Well I love it Merv, reminds me of visits to the grandparents home in Dowerin!!! Give me a few shots of dairy cows and I will love your pics even more!!!

  7. Wow, the land really slopes in southern cross 🙂

  8. whats wrong with photos of crop circles….!

  9. Nothing Nigel, Im from dairy country, once a farm girl always a farm girl!!! I still love my cows!!!

  10. Hey Fletch,

    Congrats on winning your PMA prize.

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