Workshop in the home of my ancestors

_kj33566 The Rockingham workshop was held last night and was a great success. My relations were actually the first settlers in Rockingham, The Hymus, Bells and Days. No convicts there I think!! The night went well and we were looked after by Kingsley, Jacob and Kelly from PhotoCoffee. Thanks guys for the great coffees and cakes. If you are ever in Rockingham you need to call in and have a look at what they have done there. It is a great concept they have created and the place was buzzing! Thanks to all who came to the night, even the Nikon users!! It was one of my best groups and I enjoyed the company. Remember if you have any questions please ask. Special thanks to Kingsley for the awesome accommodation and venue for the course. Lets do it again soon mate! Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on November 22, 2008.

14 Responses to “Workshop in the home of my ancestors”

  1. Thankyou Christian for the workshop in at Photocoffee which I attended last night was having a play with layers at midnight last night!! Not the best time for the brain to take it all in but managed a few of the tips we learned last night. Excuse my ignorance here but how do I purchase the copy of Peter Eastway dvd as I have not been able to find a link where I can actually buy it.

    Thanks Annette

  2. Thanks for the great night Christian. Was very enjoyable.

    BTW what was the wine you brought along? It was very nice.

  3. Nothing wrong with nikon users….. there should be more of us!! haha

  4. Good Morning Christian,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful course lastnight. Even though I was only there for 2 hours I wanted to let you know that I got so much from it. You are a fantastic speaker and I feel like I can learn a lot from you. You are my benchmark of what I would like my work to look like and I also know now that if I do not get into Tafe that I can still make it in the world of photography.

    Now I just need to go and get a rather large loan to buy all the fun things you use. Oh and I shoot with a Pentax. I was to sick to speak up and get laughed at haha.

    Have a great day.

    Kindest Regards
    Jade Kirey

  5. Heya Christian!
    Excellent performance on Saturday night mate (and Photocoffee put on a great show as hosts too! Thanks Kingsley and the rest of your crew!!!). I enjoyed every bit of your workshop. Got some good tips & inspiration from the night so i look forward to putting it into practice (after i sell the old wet xpan off for a bitta coin).
    I will keep in touch for some more handy tips mate.

  6. Your not having any courses at the end of the year are you Christian? in dunsborough? also Peter Eastways dvd is worth the money but I also cant see anymore where to order it on his website.

  7. Thank you for a very inspirational evening Christian. I realised shortly after the start that I will have to go out and spend more $ on gear and software (when I thought I had all I needed for good landscape photography) and also need to make more time available for photography, which I hope to do as from early next year….Also I was very impressed with the professionalism and concept provided by PhotoCoffee and wish Kingsley all the best for his business.

    Best regards, George Finch

  8. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. It was a fantastic night and I learnt a tip too!!

    As for Peter Eastways DVD if you email you will be able to get it for $99 normally $129. Let them know I sent you and he might even get me a carton of beer!!!…… well actually that is very unlikely. Still the DVD is great value for what you will get out of it.

    Craig the wine was from Forrester Estate.

    Thanks Jade, Pentax users are always welcome, it’s the Nikon people that are a bit dodgy!!

    Yeah Josh flog that x-pan as soon as you can, before it rusts!!

    Will my next course will be sometime early next year.

    Thanks George, there is always an excuse to spend money when it comes to Photography, thats why I’m always broke!!

    Thanks everyone!

  9. Ho Hai! Me again from the Middle Earth… I just got a brilliant idea! What about you get your brother Michael to record a video of your workshop? Then sell the video online? It’s only more work for him!

  10. not a bad idea Anne. I think I would freeze up on film though! You know, camera shy guy I am!

  11. Well, that’s why the wine is there for!

  12. true I have been known to drink a few before a workshop to calm the nerves.

  13. Hey Christian – great to read the feedback – and thanks for the kind words – NIKONs rule!!!
    You left a mag here (Better Photography) – will pop it into the mail.
    Off to Narrogin this weekend straight after shooting 2 weddings – should be a blast – am sure Jacob, Dan and Kelly will be giving your tips a bit of a thrash!
    Thanks again Christian – Terrific to have you come to Rockingham!

  14. my pleasure Kingsley. It was worth the trip. Cheers, enjoy Narrogin.

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