Baron Gorge

baron pond

This was the result of 5 images blended in photomatix 3.2 and then tweaked in photoshop. I don’t know why I use this program as I like to crunch the blacks and that goes against what photomatix does, to give you detail in those blacks. I think this program must work better with higher contrast scenes. Still it is fun mucking around with it. If anyone out there has some brilliant tips on how best to use this program share it with us all. Lets see some of your best pics produced with it.


~ by christianfletcher on October 29, 2009.

14 Responses to “Baron Gorge”

  1. Yeah not to bad but just seems to be lacking something but can’t put a finger on what.

    I play with the photomatrix program from time to time but only come up with that toy town cartoon look which looks pretty ugly most times, Sometimes i can jag something useful. Seems to work better on man made objects , machinery , buildings etc for me.

  2. Now that is some blue in that water. I like these shots that require imagination to extend beyond the frame, wondering what the rest of the scene looks like. What are the dashed lines in the water at the bottom of the image?

  3. Hi Christian, This is not bad for a landscape shot using photomatix.
    I have just posted one of my old favs using this program and i use it quite a bit.
    Cheers Pete.

  4. Christian, if your setup can play a US DVD, I’ve got some training from Tony Sweet on HDR I can send you. Just let me know.

  5. What are the dashed lines in the water at the bottom of the image? Bubbles on long exposure?? Do I win a prize?
    I’d like the girls (in the gallery) opinion on this one, I’m with Merv, it lacks a certain something… Keep playing, I learn the most from my failures and there have been plenty. I’ve only ever played with the HDR functionality in PT GUI, I’ve never found it make any difference. I would like to see a blended version if you’ve got time on your hands.

  6. Yeah not a big fan of Photomatix, never really gotten anything useable out of that program. Prefer to manually blend in Photoshop!

  7. Hey C.
    Photomatix sometimes does nice things, and othertimes can spoil a photo. When I use it, I do the global adjustments, but then i evaluate the tonality of the processed image and compare it to the RAWs…. I will often use masks to paint back in parts of my original exposures to improve tonality in parts of the image.


  8. Hey mattinman, my humble opinion on the lines in the water…. anchor rope from the small dinghy/canoe inside the cave at the back????? From one of the girls in the Gallery hehehe.

  9. What bloody lines in the water ?

    Aren’t they all just reflections ?

  10. Dingy canoe, what dingy canoe, I can’t see any dingy canoe? But I can see three or four lines in the water below the rock making up an arc of sorts…

  11. Look in the cave at the back for the small boat…….. it is there!!!

    • There is something there, and it does look like there’s a rope of sorts if I use my imagination. Time to get his lordship to comment. Which Gallery do you work in? The more I look at this image the more it grows on me, now I’m looking for subliminal messages… arrrgh!

  12. Merv you and I may be the only ones here who can remember Capricorn One – Fletch is certainly honing his Photoshop skills and after seeing his next “green screen” post I’m wondering if he is creating fake paper mâché scenes in the studio and we’re seeing the reflection of the studio fluoros in the water 😉

  13. the answer is correct Muzz, shit I’m glad someone got it right………..
    the real answer, I’m not really sure but it must have been intelligent to line up so nice with each other. I think it will always be a mystery.

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