True North Rotto Sojourn Half Full

Hi all

It only took 8 hours to fill half of the spots for the Rotto adventure, I would say by this afternoon it will be history. If you were wanting to come don’t delay, if you miss out you will be kicking yourself. Was told it cost $80 to get to Rotto on a stinking ferry, this is no stinking ferry, it is a weapon of mass photography!! See you sailors on the cocktail deck!! I’ll be the one in the captains uniform, Love Boat Style!!


~ by christianfletcher on November 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “True North Rotto Sojourn Half Full”

  1. LOVE BOAT…. isn’t that a NZ sheep carrier.

    See pictures from Fridays pizza night here.

    Just thought I’d sneak that in for public interest !!!

  2. I’m so relieved your dressing as a sailor – the original rumour was budgie-smugglers : oops :

  3. Hello Sailor!

    Yes indeed it is filling fast and we have people coming from as far afield as the Gold Coast and Africa!

  4. AH crap I havent booked yet, Ill get in tomorrow first thing, Hopefully there is still a spot left.

  5. i’d pay to see fletch in budgie smugglers !!! anybody else in?

  6. well me and bree have just booked in!! cant wait!!!

  7. have put my name on the list. Awesome idea. The Big Day Out for old bastards with cameras.

  8. I probably missed the boat by now. I would love to be able to do a trip like this, what is the chance that this will happen again next year???

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